Who Is Dennis Lee Kim Yew: Meet Gloria Lee Husband Dennis Lee Kim Yew Ethnicity & Family Tree

The well-known Lim Eng founder Gloria Lee died at the age of 97. This news has been recently announced on the internet. She was the founder of the stock brokerage Kim Eng Holdings which was sold to Malaysia Maybank later. Since the announcement of her passing people shocked and are mourning the loss of the great businesswoman. People are really sad regarding her passing. Since her passing people are interested to know about Gloria Lee’s husband. Netizens are curious to learn about Gloria Lee’s kids and husband. So to know everything about her family read this entire article. And this article is also going to be a little tribute to her.

Gloria Lee Obituary

Who Is Dennis Lee Kim Yew

Woo Sau Yin passed away some days ago. She was mostly known as Gloria Lee. Her private funeral happened on 1st September 2023, Friday. She was a high-profile person. Her career in the Singapore stock market was totally outstanding. She left this world at the age of 97. Her exact cause of death has not been disclosed yet. But it looks like she died because of natural causes as she was 97 years old. She was known as the queen of the Singapore stock market. She founded the stock brokerage Kim Eng Holdings. In 2011, it was sold to Malaysia Maybank. Scroll down to learn about her husband.

Who Is Dennis Lee Kim Yew

Gloria Lee’s death has gained the attention of many people. Since her passing news was announced people have been interested in knowing about her husband. So Gloria was a married person. She was married to Dennis Lee. He played the character of a supporting pillar in the successful career of her wife. He made a great contribution to the success of Gloria. Dennis was born into the Lee family. He is the younger brother of Singapore’s founding Prime Minister. Lee Kuan Yew. But Dennis is a founding partner of the law firm Lee & Lee, which was a prominent legal institution based in Singapore.

Gloria Lee Obituary

Gloria Lee and Dennis Lee lived a good healthy marriage life till the end of the life of Gloria. The couple were blessed with three children. They had one son whose name is Howe Yong. He followed the path of his mother and stepped with her into the world of finance career. They also had two daughters whose names were Amy and Lena. Gloria Lee also had three stepchildren whose names are Carol. Douglas, and Ronald Ooi. All the children were beautifully raised by their parents. And this is very tough money for the children as they lost their mother now. May her soul Rest in Peace.

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