Who Is Angela Dokpesi: Raymond Dokpesi’s Wife Name, Age And Wikipedia

In this article, we are going to talk about Angela Dokpesi, We are going to talk about Raymond Dokpesi’s wife. His parents come from a family of six sisters in Agenebode, Edo state. He entered the Nigerian media industry through his company, DAAR Communications, and established the Nigerian television network Africa Independent Television (AIT). He oversaw the national conference planning for the People’s Democratic Party in 2015. As of March 2020, he was still facing charges of corruption. In May 2020, Dokpesi made a full recovery from a serious COVID-19 infection. Following a stroke soon after breaking his Ramadan fast in 2023, he passed away on May 29, 2023. Who Is Raymond Dokpesi’s Wife Angela Dokpesi? Let’s check out this in the next paragraph.

Raymond Dokpesi's Wife

Who Is Angela Dokpesi?

Robert Dokpesi Angela Dokpesi is the wife. Being a family man, Raymond Dokpesi has always placed a high value on his relations with them. He has multiple children with his wife, Angela Dokpesi. The offspring of Raymond Dokpesi have made their own names in a variety of fields, continuing the legacy of success in the family. Regina Dokpesi is one of Raymond’s renowned adult offspring. Regina works as an on-air personality for her father’s Nigerian media company, DAAR Communications Plc. The chairman of DAAR Communications Plc, Raymond Dokpesi, has gone through a lot personally. Due to conflicts within his family, he made the error of accepting polygamy, which he now considers to be one of his greatest regrets.

Raymond Dokpesi's Wife

Raymond Dokpesi’s Wife Angela Dokpesi Wikipedia

The Wikipedia page for Angela Dokpesi isn’t accessible online, but the page for her ex-husband is. Due to the lack of a Wikipedia entry, Angela’s age is unclear, although we might assume that she is in her 50s. Dokpesi had previously wed a number of other women, and interpersonal conflicts brought on his second marriage. He admits that he did not want polygamy as a devout Catholic but was forced to accept it due to circumstances. Dokpesi loves his first wife, a Polish immigrant, despite their troubled marriage. He had dreamed of spending the rest of his days with her. She was the only child of her parents in Poland, therefore they were physically apart.

Raymond Dokpesi's Wife

After receiving a COVID-19 diagnosis in 2020, Dokpesi and his family members were admitted to the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital. At the age of 71, Dokpesi passed dead from a stroke on May 29, 2023. At Loyola College in Ibadan, Dokpesi started his academic career. May his soul Rest in Peace.

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