Who Is Heath Streak Wife, Nadine Clarke?

As we all know the former Zimbabwean cricketer Heath Streak has passed away. Since the announcement of his death. People have raised some questions about him. People are asking about his wife. People want to learn about his wife Nadine Clarke. She is one of the most searched people on the internet since her husband Hath has left this world. The passing news of Heath has spread sadness in the world of cricket right now. His fans are very sad at this time. Now we are going to learn everything about his wife in this article.

Heath Streak

Who Is Nadine Clarke?

Heath Hilton Streak was born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia. He was born on 16th March 1974. He was mostly known as Heath Streak. He was also known as Stack or Streaky. He was a Zimbabwean cricketer and a cricket coach. He was the son of the former cricketer Zemabwian cricketer Denis Streak. Heath Streak was one of the wonderful cricketers he took his retirement from cricket on October 200. After his retirement, he became the captain of Warwickshire County Cricket Club. Then in 2009, he was appointed as the coach of the Zimbabwe national cricket team. Look at the next paragraph to learn about his death.

Heath Streak died on 3rd September 2023, Sunday. He took his last breath at the age of 49. He passed away at his farm which is located in Matabeleland. He died because he was suffering from cancer. There were some rumors on 23rd August that he had passed away but his friends announced that the rumor sare fake just exactly 10 days after he left this world. He had been battling with cancer for so long and he lost his battle on 3rd September 2023, Sunday. May his soul Rest in Peace. we all are gonna miss him forever. Scroll down to learn about his marriage life.

Heath Streak was a married man. He was married to Nadine Clarke. She was not just her wife she was her support pillar. She was her constant supporter. And she was especially with him during the time of his cancer. They were a true partner. And there is no information now about their child. It is not clear whether they had children or not. Since the passing of Heath people have been searching for Nadine because his official death news was announced by Nadine. She shared this news on her official Facebook handle. So this was all about Heath Streak and his wife. keep following PKB news.

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