Who Are Richard Okorogheye Parents? Mother Evidence Joel and Father Newton Okorogheye

Every parent wants their child to get everything in their life whether it is success or happiness. They have many dreams in their eyes that they want their children to achieve but just imagine what will be the reaction of the parents who will learn the death news of their dear child. Devastating right because our parents live for us and the death of their children feels like the world ending to them. Something similar is happening with the parents of Richard Okorogheye who recently get to know that their 19-year-old son is no more. The entire social media is feeling extremely sad for his family and paying tribute to him through social media platforms.

Who Are Richard Okorogheye Parents?

Richard Okorogheye Parents

They even also want to know the cause of the demise of the deceased. The report states that Richard Okorogheye was a pupil at Oxford Brookes University and was in his 1st year. He was a student of computer science and took his admission to the Cyber Security program. His family thought that he will achieve big things in his life and will make them proud but they never imagined that one day they would learn about his death news. This name came into existence after the missing report of him was lodged. He went disappeared from his house in west London on 22nd March 2021 but the police lodged the case of missing on 23rd March 2021.

Mother Evidence Joel and Father Newton Okorogheye

Richard Okorogheye Parents

His family was constantly praying for his well-being and wanted him to come back home safely but sadly, on 5th April 2021, they get to know about the recovery of his dead body. The police found his remains in Epping Forest pond and informed his family about it. His family puts allegations against the police and states that the police department did not take the matter seriously and due to that they lost their son. After watching all this drama, the Metropolitan Police asked the Independent Office for Police Conduct in order to release an apology, though, in the spite of this, the mother of Richard remained steadfast in her refusal in order to accept the apology.

Richard Okorogheye Missing

His mother her disappointed that none of the 3 officers and 3 staff members were responsible for the incident and would face disciplinary proceedings. Newton Okorogheye and Evidence Joesl are the parents of the victim. His mother was totally devastated by his death news and wanted justice for his son. Sadly, he was the only child of his parents and that is why they are shattered. His mother wants strict action against the police and believes that the negligence of his parents is the reason for the death of his son. They did not take the missing case seriously.

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