Who was Adeshina Olayinka? Vendor Found Dead In Ibadan Hotel

Recently the news about the Popular Instagramer Khadi is going viral over the internet. Mostly she used to stay in media for different matters but this time is something we all never think that going to happen. khadi used to be mostly known for her designer clothes and bags but this time when fans of her get the news about her death they all got great broken with that news. No one seems to believe that she was dead. And for looking for the truth people are going through the internet for information on this matter.

Adeshina Olayinka

What Happened To Adeshina Olayinka?

Adeshina Olayinka, also known as Khadi, a prominent Instagram cloth dealer, was discovered dead at a motel in the Akobo district of Ibadan, Oyo State. According to Oyo Affairs, she alerted her buddy of a meeting with someone at the Wetland Hotel in Akobo on the evening of Wednesday, April 5. The guy she was with, on the other hand, checked out early on Thursday morning, prompting a phone call to Khadi’s room, where she confirmed her safety to the receptionist. Unfortunately, Khadi was discovered dead hours later after the receptionist called to tell her she was already overstaying.

In response, the hotel management stated that they were completely cooperating with the Nigeria Police in their investigation to ensure that the truth of the deceased’s death was upheld. In their statement, they also stated that the safety and well-being of their guests and staff are their top priorities. They have taken up all the safety measures that are necessary to make sure of that. They have also ensured that their facilities and services were going to continue to meet their higher standards of safety and hygiene. They also said to the public that as the investigation is ongoing, everyone should be patient and understanding during this difficult time. And this was not a difficult time for them but also for everyone and mostly for the victim’s family.

They also said they will provide further news or any update regarding this case and they have sent their deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the deceased. They will support the family and all those who are affected by this tragic event. As for the Police Relation Officer who was Adewale Osifeso, he said the case is undergoing and they are investigating the case, and if they’re going to be any updates regarding this event they will provide that information accordingly.

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