Where Is Serial Killer Gabriel Fortin Now? Arrest and Charge

Recently the public seems to be interested in Gabriel Fortin as they all are searching for him over the internet. It’s been years since this murder case happen and the public still looking into the case over the internet. They all are looking for new updates about the case and recently there have been some new updates have been released over the internet and the public is searching for them. So, for our readers, we have brought the information about the case of Gabriel Fortin. Not only that we are also going to give the details about recent updates in this article.

Gabriel Fortin

Where Is Serial Killer Gabriel Fortin Now?

On January 26, 2021, Estelle L., an expert in insulating materials for Knauf, was found dead in her automobile. The headlights and engine of her car were still on. The 39-year-old HRD was shot four times, killing her, and the shots were fired from the left side of her car, according to the results of the autopsy. Bernard M, a General Electrics employee, was attacked at his home an hour later by a masked, armed man. Bernard’s old coworker was Estelle. Before, they collaborated on projects. Patricia P, a Pôle emploi agency employee died at the scene after Fortin allegedly opened fire on her two days after the event.

On January 28, 2021, police detained Gabriel Fortin on suspicion of murdering a Pole Emploi employee and a member of the human resources department on a bridge that connects Ardeche and Drome. On June 13, Gabriel Fortin—also referred to as the “HRD killer”—will begin his trial in Valence before the Assize court of Drome. He is charged with the murders of Patricia Pasquion, a 54-year-old Pôle emploi executive, Géraldine Caclin, 51, and Estelle Luce, 39, as well as the attempted murder of Bertrand M. Fortin allegedly stalked his victims for years in order to learn details about their personal lives.

According to reports, the alleged murderer has been silent for the past two years and has not revealed his motivation for carrying out his atrocities. When challenged by the investigators, the judges, and the professionals who interrogated him, Gabriel Fortin decided to remain mute throughout the investigation. The actions complained of, in the opinion of psychologists, “are not to be linked to a mental disease but rather look as the cold and deliberate retaliation of an intelligent man, wounded by painful rejections from the one setting he felt might offer him with a social position. Me Attorney for the civil parties Denis Dreyfus was concerned that the defendant wouldn’t show up for his trial.

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