When the fire came on the child, the rat clashed with the snake, thus breaking down; watch video

Sanap Chuhe Ki Ladai: The video shows a snake holding a baby mouse in its mouth, from which the mouse sacrifices its life to get rid of it.

When the child caught fire, the snake and the rat collided

Image credit source: Twitter/@weirdterrifying

The rodent fights the snake to get the baby back: A shocking video is going viral on social media these days. It shows how a snake tries to take away a baby mouse Mother wreaks havoc on snakes, whatever happens next, internet users are finding it hard to believe their eyes. As seen in the video, the snake was so scared by the rat attack that it immediately left the place by pressing its tail.

Sometimes such videos are also uploaded on the internet, leaving netizens in awe. At the moment one such video has made people think. In the viral clip, a rat is seen trying to fight off a snake on the side of the road. In fact, the snake has put the baby mouse in its mouth, which it puts its life on the line to get rid of. In the next moment, the mouse destroys the snake in such a way that the snake immediately flees for its life. Anyone who has seen this video is shocked.

Watch here, the video of the terrible fight between the snake and the rat

The shocking clip was shared on Twitter with the handle @weirdterrifying. The user captioned it, ‘Mouse clashes with snake to save her child.’ The video, which was uploaded a day ago, has received over 13.5 thousand likes and over 3.7 lakh views so far. Many have commented beyond this.

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A Twitter user named Ana Khait wrote, ‘And we are the people who kill our children in the womb.’ At the same time, another user said, ‘Today I saw the best video on the internet.’ Another user wrote, ‘No one can take away her child from a mother.’


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