When Farah Khan didn’t even have money to bury her father, this man helped her

Salim Khan helped Farah Khan in father’s funeral: When Farah Khan’s father Kamran Khan died, the family’s financial situation was very bad. Farah Khan did not have the money to bury her father.

Farah Khan

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Salim Khan helped Farah Khan at her father’s funeral: today Farah Khan Nothing is lacking. Today they have everything from wealth to fame. Farah Khan has directed many great films in her career like ‘Om Shanti Om’, ‘My Hoon Na’ and ‘Happy New Year’. His name is today Bollywood One of its greatest filmmakers.

Currently, Farah Khan’s total assets are said to be more than 70 crores. But there was a time when his father died, the family didn’t even have the money to bury him. Farah Khan revealed it herself on the stage of singing reality show Indian Idol Season 13.

Farah Khan had only 30 rupees

Farah Khan revealed that when her father Kamran Khan left this world, he had only Rs 30 and the family had to fight for his last farewell. Along with Farah Khan, it was also mentioned by her brother Sajid Khan in an episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’.

Salman Khan’s father helped

Sajid Khan said that his father was a film director and when his films didn’t work and he lost all his money, he started drinking, which led to his health problems and then he died. After his death, the family did not even have money for his last journey, so Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan helped him.

Sajid Khan informed that Salim Khan gave some money to those people, due to which his father’s last journey was completed. Not only this, Salim Khan also arranged rations for the families of Sajid Khan and Farah Khan for a few days.

Stayed in store room for 6 years

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Farah and Sajid Khan also revealed that her financial situation became so bad that she moved to a relative’s house and spent 6 years in a store room there. However, Sajid and Farah Khan have achieved everything through their hard work and today they lack nothing.


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