What was Fito Olivares Cause of Death? Mexican music legend passes away at 75

Fito Olivares was a well-known Mexican Musician. Fans are disheartened after the death of their favorite, Fito Olivares.  We will discuss all details about Fito Olivares and the reason behind his death in this article. Keep reading for more details. 

Fito Olivares

Who was Fito Olivares?

Fito Olivares is said to have passed away at 75. He was a well-appreciated Mexican musician. People also know him by the name Rodolfo Olivares. He started gaining people’s attention after his appearance in the duet Estrella in Ciudad Miguel Aleman, Tam. After 1962, Fito composed Ya NA Eres Mia. It was appreciated by people. His journey never stopped then. He further continued in the industry and wrote La Otra Musiquera, Mi Tamaulipeca, and Flor De Lirio. He also has his own studio by name of Japonica Studio. His interest in music only grew with time. He used to record all his songs and Sabrosura Music in the studio.  

What Happened to Fito Olivares? 

Fito Olivares is said to be dead. His death has been confirmed by social media sources. Fans and loved ones are paying tribute to his work on social media. The news was shared on social media by his wife. The news about his death has been viral. Fans are not able to believe it. They are sending condolences to his family. It is a difficult time for his wife and other family members. People want to know the reason behind his death. Rumors also say that he died from cancer. Is it true? The musician was appreciated for his hard work and dedication. The work he has provided in the music industry is commendable. 

Did Fito Olivares Died from Cancer? 

The social media posts about his death show that he passed away due to cancer. It was mentioned that he was not able to fight cancer and passed away. He was at his home last time. His family is private and does not like to share more details. They have asked for some privacy. We don’t have much information about his family yet. There is still no confirmation whether he passed away from cancer. He was suffering from an illness that took his life. He was married and living happily with his wife. They both gave birth to a son, Rudy Olivares. He has grown up and is engaged already. He posted a video on Instagram that shows his old memories with his father. 

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