What Happened with So Hee in The Glory? Was She Pregnant Before Death? Suicide or Murder

Glory’s So Hee was said to be pregnant. People want to know more about her pregnancy and her death incident. Was her death a murder or a suicide? You will get complete details about Glory’s, So Hee pregnancy in this article. Keep reading for more details. Glory is a famous show on Netflix. It is a drama revenge story. It is created perfectly. The show always keeps its viewers engaged. This is the reason behind the popularity of the show. Lee So E plays the role of Soo Hee in Glory. The story is sad and heartbreaking. The show is full of ups and downs of emotions. People are curious to know whether Glory’s So Hee was pregnant. 

Glory’s So Hee

Was Glory’s So Hee Pregnant? 

Glory’s So Hee was eight months pregnant before her death. The next season is focused on the reason behind So Hee’s death. You will get to see Dong Eun revealing the reason behind So Hee’s death. Yeon-Jin was revealed as the killer. It raised a lot of questions among the viewers. The death of So Hee was a mystery that was creating suspense among the viewers. They want to know the reason behind her death. This kept the viewers highly engaged in the show. Finally, it was revealed through flashbacks. No one was expecting Yeon-Jin as the killer. It was not revealed until Dong-eun describes everything to the police about So Hee’s death. Yeon-Jin’s mother has the power as the lead detective is under her control.  

Glory’s So Hee

She can easily provide false evidence to the police in order to save her daughter. Her death is revealing new secrets about her. It was shown that her mother kept her name tag in a security box. An encounter was also revealed between Dong-Eun and So Hee’s mother. It was shown at Morgue hospital. She was begging Dong-Eun to reveal that Yeon-Jin is responsible for the death of her daughter. Yeo-Jeong further found So Hee’s body inside a freezer. It was preserved. She was pregnant before her death. The viewers are eager to know whether it was a murder or a suicide. 

Glory’s So Hee

Was So Hee Murdered or Suicided? 

In the season, we saw that Myeong was sent to Yeon-Jin for extracting a murder confession. Myeong also gets murdered in the process. The person behind the murder is unknown. So Hee’s death was said to be a suicide. It was mentioned that she died after falling from the high school building. Her family doesn’t want to agree to this. However, Dong-Eun Witnessed her falling and found the name tag of Yeon-jin.

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