What Happened To Taylen Mosley And His Mother? Pashun Jeffery Son Found Dead

Taylen Mosley is said to be passed away. The little boy was said to be passed away after going into the mouth of an Alligator mouth. You will get complete details about Taylen Mosley in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Taylen Mosley And His Mother

What Happened To Taylen Mosley?

Taylen Mosley was said to be missing for a few days. He was found dead in the mouth of an alligator. According to the research of the St. Peterburg Police Department, he was just 2 years old. His dead body was found in the lake. The autopsy report says that he was drowned. Later, he was found in an Alligator’s mouth.

Taylen Mosley And His Mother

How Did Taylen Mosley Go Missing?

Taylen Mosley was found dead in an alligator’s mouth. His mother was also killed in her apartment on the 30th of March. The alligator was found near Dell Holmes Park in St. Petersberg. Both mother and son were last seen on the 29th of March. They both passed away on the same day. According to sources, Pashun Jeffery planned a party for her partner, Thomas. It was my 21st birthday of Thomas. Suddenly, his neighbor heard a noise from their house. Thomas went to the hospital with cuts on his hands and arms.

Taylen Mosley And His Mother

Later when the apartment’s security went on to check, they found that Pashun was stabbed 100 times. Soon the police arrived. Her family was worried about her son. When the police went on a search, it was found that the alligator was having something in its mouth. Later, the alligator was shot. Taylen’s body was found in its mouth. Jeffery and her son’s funeral was attended by several people on 7th April 2023. All the messages that were sent were read at the funeral. Welch mentions that the son was a sweet and happy toddler.

Was Father Thomas Arrested?

Thomas was said to be arrested as he is alleged to be responsible for killing his partner and his son. He is said to be stabbing his partner 100 times while throwing his son into the water. St. Peterburg Police Department mentioned that the 2-year-old died after drowning. Thomas has been arrested by the police for killing his partner and son. He visited his mother’s house before the murder. He is currently in Pinellas County Jail. His hearing has been scheduled. He will be heard on 11 April. This was all about Taylen Mosley and Pashun Jeffery’s death case.

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