What Happened to Siobhan Cattigan? Scottish Rugby Player Death Cause Revealed

Siobhan Cattigan was a popular Scottish Rugby player. People want to know more about her as the player is said to be ill before her death. You will get complete details about Siobhan Cattigan’s illness in this article. Keep reading for more details. 

Siobhan Cattigan

What Happened to Siobhan Cattigan?

Siobhan Cattigan was a well-known rugby player. She passed away due to unknown circumstances. She was given a tribute by other Rugby legends. She was just 26 years old. She represented the national team 19 times. We don’t know the reason behind her death. It is still a mystery. She also played for the squad in 2014 and became the squad captain. She was a master in her field. She was her team’s squad captain in the 2016-2017 BUCS league championship. People want to know more about her death. Was it from any illness or suicide? The death was not reported to the police. Fans are disheartened to lose a wonderful player.  

Siobhan Cattigan

Siobhan’s Family on Her Death: 

Siobhan Cattigan’s family claims that her death is caused by her behavior change like Dementia. They mention that the physical harm was the reason behind the changes in her mind. She started behaving strangely. Her family has filed a lawsuit against Scottish Rugby and World Rugby. She passed away in November 2021. Her family mentions that she was not provided with the right care to recover from her recurring injuries that eventually led to her death. She has earned 19 caps for Scotland. Her parents Neil and Morven Cattigan are in favor of the lawsuit and will fight for her justice. Her parents also mentioned the same thing that the Scottish Rugby did not give much attention to the injuries caused to its player. 

Siobhan Cattigan

Was Siobhan Cattigan’s Death A Suicide? 

We don’t have any information about Siobhan’s suicide. She was said to have passed away due to some unknown reason. Her family mentions the lack of attention to injuries by Scottish Rugby as the reason behind her poor mental health and death. Scottish Rugby has mentioned that they will provide complete support to the people affected by the death of Siobhan. She was a hardworking and dedicated woman in her work. People like her for her outstanding performance in Rugby. As Rugby involves fewer women, she mentions that she was bullied in school as she was the only woman on her team. She was considered manly for choosing the sport. People will always remember her in their hearts. We keep providing such updates about your favorite celebrities. Stay tuned for more details. 

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