What Happened To Siddhant Shah And Aryan Vaidya? Two Indian Students Passed Away While Swimming In Monroe Lake.

Siddhant Shah and Aryan Vaidya are said to be passed away. What happened to them? People are curious to know more about them. you will get complete details about them in this article. Keep reading for more details.


What Happened To Aryan Vaidya And Siddhant Shah?

Aryan Vaidya and Siddhant Shah were students at Indiana University. They were studying in the United States and belonged to India. They went missing when they were swimming at Monroe Lake a week ago. A rescue operation with a search team was made but they were not able to find him. There was no news till three days after them being disappeared. The weather conditions were also not supportive which made the team even more difficult to conduct the search.

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Aryan Vaidya Obituary:

Aryan Vaidya was living in Ohio and completed his studies at Sycamore High School in 2021. His school has expressed sorrow and mourned the loss of a bright student. The school has sent condolences to his family. After days of searching, Aryan Vaidya and Siddhant Shah’s dead remains were found. It was around 11:30 am. They both were very young. Aryan Vaidya was just 20 years old at the time he passed away. The school released a statement previously stating that the search team of Indiana is making efforts to find Aryan. His family is disheartened after the news. They are broke and mourning the loss of their son. What happened to his friend, Siddhant?

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Siddhant Shah Obituary:

Siddhant Shah was also a young age student. He was 19 years at the age he passed away. He belonged to Vadodara, Gujarat, India. He was living in the United States to continue his study. He was studying at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. His family belonged to India. The parents are concerned and broke after the news. They had to run to his son kilometers apart. The weather condition of the Lake was so worse that it took 40 hours to find out more about them.


Their bodies were found 18 feet below the lake. It was 300 yards away from Paynetown parking. It was very difficult for his parents to wait at the parking. The winds running over the lake slowed down on Tuesday morning when their bodies were found. They both passed away at a young age. It was unexpected at the moment. The news has left his friends and family in shock. This was all about Siddhant Shah and Aryan Vaidya’s obituary.

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