What happened to Prof Dr Shahid Kamal? GCU Faisalabad VC dies in car accident

Teachers are the most respected person in everyone’s life. Teachers show enlightenment and path to their students and that is why they are respected as well as worshipped figures. A teacher has an important role in everyone’s life and that is why most students never forget them even after not meeting them for a long time. And whenever they hear their passing news they came in trauma and start remembering them for their teachings. The students of Prof. Dr Shahid Kamal are feeling the same ever since they heard his passing news.

Prof Dr Shahid Kamal

How did Prof Dr Shahid Kamal die?

After his death, the academic community in Pakistan is grieving the tragic loss of Prof Dr Shahid Kamal. Prior to his demise, he was appointed as the Vice Chancellor of Government College University (GCU) Faisalabad. On Monday, 13th March 2023, the death news of Prof Kamal surfaced in the news and the cause of his demise is quite sad. The reports state that he died after a car accident that happened near his house in Faisalabad. His death news is quite sudden and his colleagues, pupils, and the academic fraternity are quite shocked after learning of his sudden departure.

Prof Dr Shahid Kamal

The Celebrating Career of Prof Dr Shahid Kamal

Professor Dr Shahid Kamal was a famous educationist and scholar in Pakistan. He was in his education for more than 30 years and at that time he made significant contributions to the field of higher education in his nation. He completed his PhD in Physics from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, and went to work at many academic institutions in Pakistan and abroad. In the year 2019, he was hired as the Vice Chancellor of GCU Faisalabad. This institution is considered one of the oldest and most prestigious educational institutions in the country. He brought a wealth of his flourishing experience and expertise to the position, and his tenure was marked by many innovations and achievements.

How Prof Dr Shahid Kamal Passed Away?

Now the entire nation is currently mourning his demise and paying tribute to him through social media. The report states that he passed away on Monday, 13th March 2023. He was on his way to his office when his vehicle hit a truck near his house. He sustained critical wounds and was instantly admitted to the closeby medical institution, where he succumbed to his wounds. Within a few seconds, his death news was spread in the nation and his students and colleagues get shocked after learning this news. Many people are remembering him for his contribution to the education sector in the Islamic country.

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