What Happened To Michael Zillig? Botox Empire sudden Death And Obituary

Michael Zillig is said to be passed away. What happened to him? Is he alive? The death news about Michael Zillig is being circulated over social media. You will get complete details about Michael Zillig’s death in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Michael Zillig

What Happened To Michael Zillig?

Michaal Zillig was a Botox king. His death has made his business slow down and clients are eagerly waiting for the procedures. He went out of business on 14th March. His company, Injectable Institute Australia (IIA) has been best known for Botox injections. There were 16 cosmetics clinics all over Sydney. The manager of the company Juliet Young has released a letter for winding up the company. Michael was the only director and owner of the company. We don’t have any information about whether there is anyone else whom he has mentioned as his successor. He passed away on 29 January 2023. He was 56 years old at the time of his death. The winding up was applied in February. What happened to him?

Michael Zillig

Botox Empire Death And Company Discontinuance:

Michael Zillig passed away at the age of 56. He passed away on 29 January 2023. The customers who were using their product were said to be received a message that the company will soon shut down. After the message was received, the company gets so many complaints that it became the most complained company in the entire state. There have been 138 complaints received in one month. He belonged to a Victorian town. he was also an accountant. He had set up several clinics in Sydney since he started his business back in 2015.

Michael Zillig

The business has reached the state of bankruptcy. The clients are being angry as they have paid thousands of dollars for services that they have not received yet. The company is said to be owing up to $ 89,000. However, the figure has not been verified yet. 165 people have filed complaints against the company. while many have claimed from the Facebook groups that they had received their money back safely. According to its Facebook page IIA, they have messaged every customer about their discontinuance and asked customers to email for claims. Most of the consumers were irritated as they paid thousands of dollars for the treatment but waited to receive the service. More than 200 people commented on the post.


Michael Zillig is said to be passed away in January. Due to his death, his company dealing in Botox injections was said to be discontinued and bankrupt leading its customers angry.

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