What Happened To Marixa Balli? Actress Involved In Accidente De

Here’s the shocking story of Marixa Balli about the accident that almost cost her life to the threat. Marisa Laura Cavalli, better known as Marixa Balli, is an Argentine vedette, dancer, tropical music singer, actress, businesswoman, and merchant. Bali was selected in 1990 as one of the ‘Goddesses of Summer’ on the television program Ritmo de la noche. In 1992 she recorded her first CD which was released by the Musica and Marketing record label. In 1992, she participated in the video which was produced and directed by Luis Nanni, recorded at Estrellas Productions, and edited by Digital Sound Video. In 1993, he participated in some music video clips such as La Marca de la Gorra by Los. She worked constantly from 1993 to 2008 and had an eventful life all around.

Marixa Balli

Accidente De Marixa Balli

But, recently Marixa broke her silence about the tragedy that happened to her more than 20 years ago when she had an accident on Route 2 with her partner, Mariano Fischer. At that time, the horrifying accident caused the sudden death of her companion and she could not open up about it for several years. On this occasion, on the air of LAM, the panelist revealed details about the difficult time she had to go through. She started her story with a disheartening statement, ‘ I absolutely remember every second, it was quarter to four in the morning, the car had been left with the lights fully on. We were coming at high speed, the car rolls over 19 times and at one point it rises and seemed like a flying saucer. Obviously what happened was tragic, my partner apologized in my arms, and my head brushed the asphalt, it was such an extremely terrible state of mind. I was saved because I had an angel protecting me, I was conscious.’ She had glassy eyes while sharing everything and said that it was very hard for her to get out of that difficult situation. The accident occurred on a curve at kilometer 74 of Route 2, but I will admit that the speed was also tremendously excessive.

Marixa Balli

She also claimed that one of her relatives had a terrible dream in which they saw a lot of blood streams flowing and also Bueno killing himself which later came true. She was having a broken voice while speaking all this. However, although at that time they were saved from that accident, the trip ended in the worst way. She also revealed that she was paralyzed for some months after that incident, but somehow managed to cope. She said that every inch of her heart misses that person, who she loved all her life. She added that she will never be able to get through that incident and part of her is gone forever. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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