What Happened To Lola James? 2 Years Old Girl Passed Away, Father And Mother Arrested

Lola James is said to be passed away. What happened to her? Both father and mother are arrested. People want to know more about Lola James in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Lola James

What Happened To Lola James?

Lola James was a young 2 years old baby girl. It was said that Lola James was killed by her mother, Sinead, and her partner, Kyle Bevan. They were living in Wales. Her parents are said to be responsible for her death and are arrested. The little one suffered from injuries and passed away. According to the sources, her mother allowed her partner, Kyle, to kill her. She was left in such a bad condition that her eyes were impaired. She was said to be having 101 exterior wounds and brain trauma. She became a target of an inhumane attack.

Lola James
Lola James Father Kyle Bevan

What Was The Cause Of Lola’s Death?

Lola’s death was a murder case. The small girl was said to be killed by his stepfather. Her mother was said to be careless. She was in hospital and died because of a catastrophic head injury. He was officially declared responsible for her murder after 10 hours of listening from the jury. The court testimony at Swansea Crown Court states that she was dragged by her dog. The dog takes her own stars. The American bulldog was said to be biting her. Her head was also banged, The incident took place at 7:30 BST on 17th July.

Lola James
Lola James mother Sinead James

Was Lola James’ Step-father And Mother Arrested?

Lola James was killed by her mother’s partner. She was killed brutely. Kyle killed her daughter when she was alone with him. While it is also said that her mother also permitted the daughter’s death. He was said to be involved in drugs like Xanax, Amphetamines, and Cannabis. He has aggressive behavior. Her biological father, Thomas, was heartbroken and stated his feelings saying he felt grief and shut his eyes and beholds his precious life.

He also mentions the hurt he is feeling and how difficult it will be to carry forward without her daughter. He says that her daughter will always shine bright in the sky, She was seen as a humble and polite person. She was innocent and cheerful in her life. The little girl might be saved if she would be living with her father. She will always be remembered in her the hearts of her loved ones. This was all about her death case. Stay tuned for more details.

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