What happened to Jamie Ferris? Orangeville DJ dies in motorcycle accident

This is to inform you that Jamie Ferris of Orangeville died tragically. It is gutting to hear that such a talented person died in a motorcycle accident. More than being a talented artist, he was a great human who touched various lives. Since Jamie Ferris’s death news broke out, the community is in shock. Jamie A Ferris was best known for being the founder of Qwest Rider. In addition, the deceased was the owner of Soundqwest DJ Service. What went wrong before the accident that led to the fatal accident? Numerous questions related to Jamie Ferris’s death have been pondered in the below-given paragraphs. You are urged to take a look below and must go through this article till the end. Scroll down.

Jamie Ferris Orangeville

Jamie Ferris dies in a motorcycle accident

Jamie Ferris passed away on May 11, 2023. People across Orangeville recognized him as the proprietor of Soundqwest DJ Service and the founder of Qwest Rider. Who confirmed or revealed the news of Jamie Ferris’s death? As far as we know, Jamie Ferris’s ex-wife Robynne took to Facebook and posted a heartfelt note. In addition, Country 105 also posted the same. Drag down the page and read more details.

Jamie Ferris’s cause of death was linked to his injuries sustained in the fatal accident. However, details regarding Jamie Ferris’s accident are still sketchy. It is not clear what led to the fatal accident. Country 105 stated, “Sad news, local Orangeville Dj and motorcycle enthusiast Jamie A Ferris passed away resulting from a crash. Such a big contributor to the community, with his Qwest riders and Dj company, and a great guy he will be missed greatly.” Shift to the following section and read more.

Jamie Ferris Orangeville

Following the passing of Jamie Ferris, social media has been flooded with tributes and condolences. Alissa Slaughter to whom Jamie Ferris once said “Live every day to the fullest because you never know how many sunsets you are going to get”, expressed her sorrow by saying, “RIP to one of Orangeville’s finest! From my boxing days to my party days, you always had a way to light the room up with that contagious smile! Thank you for the last dance this past Halloween you will be missed terribly. Sending all my love to his family and friends” As of yet, the family and relatives of Jamie Ferris have not released his official obituary. The funeral plans for him are also not known. Stay tuned to this website for further updates.

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