What Happened to ISP Trooper James Bailey? Death And Obituary, Terry Dewaine Sands Arrested

ISP Trooper James was killed on 3 March 2023. The news is going viral all over social media. People want to know more about him. You will get complete details about ISP Trooper James in this article. Keep reading for more information. 

ISP Trooper James Bailey

ISP Trooper James Bailey’s Death And Obituary

The incident took place on 3 March 2023, Friday at 4:30 P.M. He was struck by a vehicle on Interstate 69. He dies in the incident. According to the sources, he was assisting troopers to deal with traffic delays caused by weather-related crashes near the 326-mile marker south of Auburn. He tried to stop the vehicle with his stop stick. The vehicle driver was at high speed. He was trying to evade the police. He did not stop. He was 50 years old at the time he passed away. As he tried to slow down the vehicle, the suspect ran the vehicle over him. He was seriously injured. 

ISP Trooper James Bailey

He was immediately taken to the hospital. As the doctors checked him, they pronounced him dead. He died because of his injuries. The Indiana State Police Superintendent said that they will come together to help his family and close ones. They cannot compensate the person lost, but they will try to help them as much as they can. The ISP (Indiana State Police) Superintendent says that they will do every possible action to support his family.  

ISP Trooper James Bailey

The family is mourning the loss of their loved ones. The whole police department and other people are sending condolences to his family. He was said to be married and had two kids. People want to know about the suspect. Is the suspect arrested? Keep reading for more details about the suspect. 

Was ISP Trooper James Bailey’s Suspect Arrested? 

The suspect is known by the name Terry Dewaine Stands II. He ran the car over the victim. He is said to have belonged to Marion, Indiana. He is 42 years old. We don’t have many details about the suspect as it is kept secret by the police department as the case is still sensitive. He has been arrested and charged with resisting law enforcement. He is charged with endangering an officer’s life. It comes under level 2 of severity. After the arrest, he was jailed in DeKalb County Jail. The inquiry is going on. It is yet to be decided whether he will be charged with further charges.

We hope that the victim gets justice as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more details and the latest updates. 

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