What Happened To Ikesima Brown? Singer, 5 Band Members Die In Kogi Auto Accident

Ikesima Brown, a notable Ijaw musician, and five other members of the highlife band Chief Barrister Smooth passed away in a car accident. On Sunday, June 11, 2023, a bus collided with a fuel tanker while traveling between Abuja and Lokoja. A state government reportedly hired the popular band to perform at the National Assembly members’ swearing-in reception in Abuja on Tuesday while the unfortunate vehicle carrying them was traveling there. The band members reportedly took a train from Warri to Kogi and were headed to Abuja when their Toyota Sienna crashed into a fuel tanker, killing them instantly. This is according to an eyewitness story. Chief Joseph Ekeremieye, Ikesima Brown, Ebis Awiki, Sololo, Tuku Eniekebi, and one other person were listed among the deceased.

Ikesima Brown

What Happened To Ikesima Brown?

Ikesima Brown, a talented female highlife artist, Chief Barrister Smooth, and five other members of his well-known band perished in a terrible car accident on Sunday along the Abuja-Lokoja Highway, leaving the Ijaw Nation in sadness. The Ijaw country has been in grief ever since the news of the tragic accident broke, especially over the passing of Brown, who was a very up-and-coming popular artist regarded as the Queen of Highlife in the Niger Delta. According to reports, Smooth was going from Warri to Abuja for a concert with his beloved band, which is well-known throughout the Ijaw country, when the car carrying seven band members was involved in a collision.

Ikesima Brown

A state government hired the well-known band to perform at the National Assembly members’ swearing-in reception on Tuesday in Abuja. Chief Joseph Ekeremieye, Ikesima Brown, Ebis Awiki, Tuku, Sololo, and others are among those thought to be dead. The governor of Bayelsa State, Senator Douye Diri, expressed his sorrow over the tragic incidents that claimed the lives of the Ijaw natives on Sunday, offering his condolences to their families and the Ujaw Nation.

Ikesima Brown Ikesima Brown

Six band members of the well-known Ijaw musician Barrister Smooth were killed in one of the accidents on the Kogi-Abuja route, and four Bayelsa Queens Football Club fans were killed in the other accident in Delta State on the Kwale-Asaba highway. Governor Diri referred to it as a “Black Sunday” for Bayelsa and the Ijaw nation in a statement released by his chief press secretary, Mr. Daniel Alabrah, yesterday. He claimed that as word of the tragic events spread, the state was plunged into sadness. The governor of Bayelsa remarked that their passing was terrible since they were active and making a difference in people’s lives with their musical abilities and by supporting the state’s beloved women’s football team out of a deep-seated devotion. May their soul Rest in Peace.

Ikesima Brown

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