What Happened To Ed Picson? Was He Suffering from Liver Cancer?

What Happened To Ed Picson? ABAP President passed away recently. people want to know more about the incident. You will get complete details about Ed Picson’s death news. Keep reading for more details.

ED Picson

What Happened To Ed Picson? 

Ed Picson was Veteran Sportscaster. He has worked as a President and Chief Executive officer of ABAP. ( Association of Boxing Alliances In Philippines). He has been famous in boxing as a commentator. He started as Executive Director and Secretary General of ABAP. Later, he became President in November 2022. People are shocked and disheartened after the news of his death. People want to know more about the incident.

ED Picson

What Was The Cause of Ed Picson’s Death?

Ed Picson passed away on Wednesday. According to sources, Ed was suffering from Liver Cancer. His passing news was confirmed by his colleagues, Quinito Henson and Bill Velasco. There is not much information about him going through Liver Cancer. The complications have been confirmed by his close ones. Everyone is paying tribute to him on social media. People are sending condolences. His family has not revealed anything about him yet. The family is disheartened and mourning the loss of their loved one. His colleagues, Quintito Henson, and Bill Velasco has sent condolences on social media. Following them, others are also sending him condolences. People are also asking about his funeral details but nothing has been mentioned by his family yet.

ED Picson

Ed Picson’s Professional Details:

Ed Picson has been ABAP president. He has served for many years in ABAP. He recently became president of ABAP. He also started getting people’s attention after his work in Blow By Blow. He took Philippine boxing to another level. He made his country win Two silver medals in women’s featherweight Nesthy Petecio. In 2021, Eumir Marcial won the middleweight title while Carlo Paalam won the Bronze at the Tokyo Games 2021. People are sharing their thoughts and well-wishes with their families.

ED Picson


Ed Picson who is the president of ABAP has passed away. He helped Philippine boxing to reach high levels. He has given so much to the country. He will always be remembered by his loved ones. He was a humble and down-to-earth human being. He has always been nice toward people. Under his influence, the Philippines reached the Olympics in boxing and won the Bronze. The reason behind his death is reported to be Liver Cancer.

This was all about Ed Picson’s death incident. Stay tuned for more details.

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