What Happened To Dr. Stephen Wright? AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine Killed NHS Psychologist

In 2019, the entire world was hit by the lethal pandemic which named as COVID. Almost 4 years have completed but still, we are not completely over with this lethal disease and the medical world is looking to get a complete cure for it. However, some vacancies have been introduced which help our body to fight this lethal disease but it is not enough as the cases of COVID is again increasing in some part of the country. That is why the scientists or medical team are working on making another booster of vaccine, however, a doctor lost his life while testing this booster.

Dr. Stephen Wright

Dr. Stephen Wright’s Death Cause

Now people are looking to know the details of it and want to know more details of the deceased. The deceased doctor was identified as Dr. Stephen Wright. The reports state that the doctor lost his life after the reaction to Covid vaccine. As per the police officer who is investigating the matter, a “healthy and fit” doctor lost his life because of the “unintended results of vaccination” after the rare reaction to the AstraZeneca Covid shot.

Dr. Stephen Wright

The reports further added that, as an NHS clinical psychologist and frontline worker, the 32-year-old, Dr. Stephen Wright of Sevenoaks, Kent was among the 1st group of people to get the vaccination at the time of the pandemic. However, after 10 days, he died and left his family, friends, and loved ones in a mourning state. A few individuals including the deceased, have had serious reactions to the vaccine. The report states that health officials are looking into it.

Dr. Stephen Wright

Now the case is in court and the police are investigating the matter. The reports stated that the late doctor was admitted to Princess Royal University Hospital in Orpington prior to being transferred to King’s College Hospital. The reports state that the condition of the deceased was getting worst one after another. Because of the severity of the bleeding, he was deemed unfit for surgery. The reports stated, that the late doctor had a brainstem infarction, a bleed on the brain. The late doctor had taken the dose of AstraZeneca Covid injection and within 10 days he lost his life.

The 32-year-old late doctor was among the 1st to get the vaccination at the time of the lethal epidemic. Coroner Andrew Harris explained the  case as “very unusual and deeply sad.” As the condition of the late doctor constantly deteriorated, medical experts warned the court that nothing could be done in order to save his life. At this moment, our sympathy is with the family of the deceased.

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