What happened to Calandra Green? Murder suicide health officer found dead

In this article, we are going to talk about a new murder case. But this time this is a most serious case. This murder case is of an Oakland health officer. Calandra Green has been found dead. She was the Oakland County health officer. She has been murdered. This news is going viral on the internet. The case is currently under investigation. His friends, family, and team member are mourning for her. She was found dead on Tuesday. She was discovered dead at her residence in Pontiac. We know that you all are very curious to know about this whole case. Netizens want to know about the victim and suspect. To know the truth behind this case please read the next paragraphs of this article.

Calandra Green

Who Killed Calandra Green?

A potential murder-suicide is being looked into after Dr. Calandra Green, an Oakland County health officer, was found dead on Thursday. The bones of Green and another person were found at a Pontiac house. Authorities refused to divulge any details about the slayings or the investigation. Prior to taking on the role of quality and process improvement supervisor for the Oakland County Health Division when the Covid epidemic started in 2020, Green started working for the county in 2019 as a public health nurse. She then attained the role of administrator for public health. In April 2022, Green was selected as the first woman of color for the position of health officer.

Calandra Green

Is Calandra Green Committing Suicide?

According to authorities, Oakland County’s top health official in Michigan was found dead on Thursday and was most likely a victim of a murder-suicide. We were shocked to find that Dr. Calandra Green, a respected health officer, had passed away. “Words cannot express how heartbreaking this news is for our Oakland County family,” the county said.  The corpses of Green and her husband, Charles, were found at their Pontiac home after the family was alerted when Green failed to arrive for work on Thursday and failed to return calls.

Calandra Green

Calandra Green Family Mourns

According to WDIV, Green was the first woman of color to be chosen as the county health officer. The murder-suicide looks to have been done by Green’s husband, according to Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, “but that’s still early,” Much information about this case is not revealed yet. The law enforcement is currently investigating this case. We have shared a lot of information regarding this case till now. Soon we will share some more news about this case. So, Stay tuned to PKB news.

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