What Happened To Buffalo’s Firefighter, Jason Arno? Who Was His Wife?

Buffalo Firefighter is said to be passed away. what happened to him? People are curious to know more about his family. You will get complete details about Buffalo Firefighter in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Jason Arno

What Happened To Buffalo Firefighter Jason Arno?

Buffalo Firefighter has recently passed away. Jason Arno was working with Buffalo Firefighter. He lost his life battling a blaze. He was 37 years old when he passed away. According to sources from Buffalo Firefighter, he worked for three years at the department. He also worked with Engine 2. The incident took place when Arno lost contact with the fire department.

Engine 2 is at Virgina Street in Buffalo. Jason was a firefighter. The fire department is mourning the loss of their dear one. He was very passionate about his work. Along with his work, he also had his family as a priority. He used to enjoy his family time. The family is mourning the loss of their loved one. The family has asked for some privacy. Let us have more details about Buffalo Firefighter’s death cause.

What Was The Cause Behind Buffalo Firefighter Jason Arno’s Death?

Buffalo Firefighter passed away due to an alarm fire on Main Street He was killed on the spot. A precious life was lost in the race. The firefighting company has made the statement that the brave firefighter, Jason Arno lost his life while battling with a fierce 4 alarm on the 700 block of Main Street Buffalo.

The fire was caught on the 700 block of Main Street at 10 a.m. on Wednesday. While after the fire was controlled at noon, it was seen Jason was missing and was under that collapsed due to fire. As he sacrificed his life in the incident, Mayor BAyron W. Brown has asked the buildings and landmarks to be red lights till Sunday. The flags were half-downed. Let us have more details about his family.

Who Was Jason Arno’s Wife?

Jason Arno was a married man. He was living happily in his life and working hard in his work. He was married to Sarah Liz Tierney. They both know each other from a young age. They dated for some time and they found each other compatible. They both started their relationship. They engaged in 2016 and were recently married in September 2022. They raised their family and welcomed the baby girl in 2019. They were engaged at that time. They announced their baby girl on Facebook. His Facebook page’s name is Jay Daniel Arno.

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