What Happened To Brianna Destiny McKoy? Ricky Trooper Daughter Death Or Murdered conspiracy

The death news of Brianna Destiny McKoy is currently trending on the web and grabbing a lot of attention. This type of news is always attention seeker and especially then when it is related to a famous personality. That is why people are looking for information about this death as many websites are stating that Brianna has been killed by someone. Those people who don’t know about her are surely shocked after learning that she was the daughter of the famous Jamaican music scene and that is why her death news is trending. Many people are believing this news to be fake and want to know if is it true that she is no more between us.

Brianna Destiny McKoy

What Happened To Brianna Destiny McKoy?

According to the reports, on the morning of Thursday, 6th April 2023, citizens of a condominium complex in the North End of Bridgeport reported that they heard gunshots along with the sound of a car speeding. They instantly informed the police about it and without wasting much time the police arrived at the scene and found the dead body of a woman who was later on identified as 23-year-old Brianna Destiny McKoy. The police found bullet wounds on her body and it has been staring that she was assassinated inside the unit on Vincellette Street which is located at the Coachlight Square condominium complex.

Brianna Destiny McKoy

This news is officially shared by the father of the deceased who is completely devasted by her passing. In an emotional Instagram live video that he posted on Friday, 7th April 2023 he informed his fans that his daughter is no more between us. He even thanked his admirers for the outpouring of respect, condolences, and love that he and his family have been getting since the tragedy. People are feeling extremely sad after hearing this news. Trooper tearfully shared that he never expected to be in such a situation and now understands the pain of those who have gone through similar kinds of experiences.

Brianna Destiny McKoy

Such things are tough to expect especially when it happens to your loved ones. He thanked his admirers again and stated he was attempting to stay strong in this tough time. The police are currently investigating the case and more information is yet to be known. In the spite of the devastating loss of his daughter, Rickey stated that he is attempting to remain strong at this tough time. He wants justice for her daughter and for that he will do all possible things. He also shared that the demise of his daughter came just a few months after the death of his father, and he has not yet entirely recovered from that loss. The Bridgeport cops have issued the statement looking for the assistance of the public in discovering Derrick Francis who is accused of the lethal shooting of Brianna McKoy, 23 on Thursday, 6th April 2023.

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