What Happened To Aunt Crabby? Anti-Trump activist dies

Usually, people lost their lives on a daily basis but some of them manage to be in the news. The simple reason is that they had achieved something big and good in their lives which brought them into the news even after their passing. The death of such personalities usually brings flood social media platforms and raised many questions and answers they want to know along with the details of their personal life. This time as well netizens are paying tribute to Aunt Crabby and want to know who was she and why her death news is trending on social media and people are paying tribute throughout the world.

Aunt Crabby

Aunty Crabby was also known as Aunt Sybil and people want to know about her. Her passing news has officially been confirmed in a Tweet made on her Twitter account. The report states that someone from her family has posted a post from her profile, “DearAuntCrabby” stating, “It is with deep sorrow and sadness that I am sharing the passing news of my Aunt Sybil, Aunt Crabby. Her death news has brought sorrow to the entire family and we are still processing this news. However, it is getting tough for us to leave without her.”

In the emotional post, the person also wrote that how her late aunt wanted her followers to know that she loved them and care about them. In further addition to this, as per the Tweet, her last and greatest wish was to watch the former President of the United States atone for his crime against her country. As of now, it is yet not known which family member of the late aunt has broken the news to her followers. Apart from it, as can be watched in the bio of the Twitter account Aunt Crabby, she was a proud member of The Resistance, which triumphed over the former President.

It was also made it known that her cover photo that Sybil was working to battle the Right Wing Hate and Racism with the aid of 1 tweet at a single time. Apart from it, the post which asserted her death news also states that her Twitter account was going to remain open for the close future. Several users of Twitter consoled the family of Aunt Crabby with their sympathy and condolence messages. A Twitter user wrote, “I am extremely sorry for your loss and understand how you are feeling at this moment and my prayer with you and your family. Aunt Crabby reminded me of my own mother. May God give rest to her soul and strength to your family.”

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