What happened to Anthony Duran? 10-Years-Boy Died Injury from Jump

Today we are going to share very sad and shocking news. This is very disturbing news. A 10-year-old boy “Anthony Duran” died. This news is going viral on the internet. People are very shocked after listening to this news. His family is completely depressed right now. Netizens are very depressed after listening to this news. This was completely unexpected. Now people are very curious to know about Anthony Duran. And they want to know the cause of his death. So here we are going to tell you everything about this incident in this article and we will also tell you the cause of his death. So, Read the whole article.

Anthony Duran

Anthony Duran’s Death Cause Explained

Anthony Duran was a 10-year-old boy. He has gained everyone’s attention on the internet. People are very sad for him as Anthony died at a very early age. His death has disturbed everyone. This topic has become the most discussed topic of the current time. This news is viral on every social media platform. This topic becomes the most controversial topic after the news came out that he died following an altercation at a trampoline park in Merced. This incident happened on 13th April 2023. The police of Merced was informed of the death of Anthony on 13th April. Which is briefed as a fight at Rockin Jump.

Anthony Duran

All the witnesses reported that Anthony was playing basketball at the park at the time he got engaged in a physical fight with another child which led to his collapse. The 2nd child who was involved in the fight fled the scene. Suddenly he was taken to the hospital where he was receiving medical treatment but he couldn’t survive even after the treatment.it is declared that the incident was accidental. And the other child who was involved has not been identified yet. And he might not get punished because this was an accident, he didn’t do anything intentionally.

Anthony Duran

Police are currently investigating this case. This incident happened in front of 35 others. They all are eyewitnesses. This incident has given a huge shock to Anthony’s family. The details of his family are not disclosed yet. This incident happened at around 5:00 pm on April 13, 2023. But Anthony took his last breath on 18th April 2023, Tuesday. His family has raised funds on GoFunfMe to cover the costs of funeral and medical expenses. Please help his family. So this was all about this case. we have told you everything about this incident. We all will miss him forever. May his soul Rest in Peace.

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