What Happened To Anthony Chatzimanolakis? How did he die In Toronto jail?

Anthony Chatzimanolakis is said to be arrested. Why he was arrested? people want to know more about him. You will get complete details about Anthony Chatzimanolakis’s arrest in this article. keep reading for more details.

Anthony Chatzimanolakis

Why Was Anthony Chatzimanolakis Arrested?

Anthony Peter Chatzimanolakis belongs to Canada. He gets people’s attention after his arrest. He is said to be involved in motor vehicle theft. He was carrying a gun fully loaded. He was not having consent to Garry that gun. He has been arrested for criminal harassment. He will soon be presented for trial. Soon, everything turned upside down. Anthony’s family is in pain and going through tough times as Anthony is no more.

Anthony Chatzimanolakis

What was the cause behind his death? Why he was arrested? Let us have more details about the above. Anthony was arrested on 15 September 2022. He was arrested for car theft and carrying a loaded gun. He was scheduled for his hearing on 14th April 2023 in Toronto. The above was confirmed by his lawyer, Carmello Truscello. He also mentioned that he was having wounds after a car crash in 2019. He was said to be having surgery fixed on 3 November 2022 at Sunnybrook Hospital. The surgery got canceled without any visible reason.

What Was The Reason Behind His Death?

Anthony Chatzimanolakis was waiting for his trial in April. He was the brother of Melissa Chatzianolakis. He passed away on 25 March 2023 at Toronto South Detention Centre in Etobicoke. People were shocked after listening to the news. His family is mourning the loss of their loved ones. Anthony was said to be in pain in his cell when paramedics were called for treatment. He said to be passed away after that. The reason behind his death was not mentioned. The police are still investigating the reason behind his death. According to his family, he passed away because of a drug overdose.

Anthony Chatzimanolakis

The reason behind his death is not confirmed yet. The investigation is still going on. His funeral was set on 3 April 2023 at Prophet Elias’s Greek Orthodox church. His family is mourning the loss of his loved one. He was just 30 years old at the time of his death. his father, George, and mother Lina are going through difficult times. His grandmother was named Lili. People are sending condolences to his family. We all pray for strength for his family. He will always be remembered in the hearts of his loved ones. Anthony Chatzimanolakis was arrested for carrying a loaded gun without consent and was arrested. He passed away in jail.

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