What Happened To Andrei Sison? Filipino actor death In Car Accident

We all make plans for our future and for that we do much hard work. But sometimes all our hard work will come to an end just because of the plan of God. We know that it is quite tough to establish your name in a particular field and many people actually put their entire energy into it but do not get the result of their choice and kept on working on it. Everyone knows that hard work is the key to your success and that is why it is necessary to keep trying. But sometimes something unexpected has a turn which changes the life of the person and their family.

Andrei Sison

Andrei Sison Death In Car Accident

Something similar is happening with the family of Andrei Sison who is completely devastated by his passing. Not only his family but many of his fans are currently in a shocking state ever since they heard this news. This news is unbelievable for many of his fans, loved ones and of course his family and many are claiming this news to be fake and looking for the rightful information. Sadly, this time the news is true and he is actually no more between us. This news has been reported on Friday, 24th March 2023, and those who think this news is fake need to accept that this time it is completely true. Read More: What Happened To Freddie Flintoff? Top Gear Accident Update

Andrei Sison

The sparkling teen artist is no more between us and left the world. Many of you want to know the reason for his sudden departure. The reports are stating that he lost his life in a car accident. According to multiple reports, the teen artist under Sparkle GMA Artist Center has perished. His passing news is officially confirmed by Sparkle. On Friday, Sparkle released a statement that shared this devasted news among his fans along with the cause of the death. The statement reads that he passed away because of a car accident early this morning. That means he died on Friday, 24th March 2023.

Andrei Sison

The talent management paid tribute to him and sent their condolences to the family and loved ones of Andrei. His fans are presently in a state of shock and this news is no less than trauma for them. His fans are sad at the thought that he was quite young and many big opportunities were waiting for him and he left the world without full filling of him. He was in the starting stage of his bright career and accumulated a good fan following who is now sobbing over his death.

How The Filipino Teen Was Perished?

There are many people who want to know every bit of detail of the accident and how has happened. According to the reports, on Thursday, 23rd March 2023, Andrei was recording for a variety show that was happening at the GMA Studios and he was freed from recording prior to 07:00 PM. As per the cops, the car accident happened at around 02:30 PM on Friday, 24th March 2023. The reports state that the Filipino teen actor was just 16 years old when he took his last breath. Unfortunately, the details surrounding the accident were not instantly available or clear.


Andrei Sison

However, the reports are stating that he was not alone at the time of the incident. He lost his life along with 2 others whereas one is fighting for his life. According to the reports, the car of the teen actor was sideswiped by another vehicle and after that their car lost its control and collided with the subdivision gate in Quezon City. The case was lodged and police confirmed this news. District Traffic Enforcement Unit, Cpl. Jen Mark Benito and the case officer shared the identification of the fatalities as Andrei Sison, Arman Velasco, and Paulo Bueza. The 4th passenger who is currently admitted to the hospital is identified as John Ford.

Andrei Sison

His condition is reported to be critical and he is admitted to the East Avenue Medical Center. All these 4 passengers board a BMW sedan. As per the police, the car was either driven by Velasco or Bueza. The starting probe viewed that at around 02:30 AM, the sufferers were driving along Commonwealth Avenue from Fairview and were going toward Philcoa when the lethal accident occurred. The investigating officer stated that the car of the teen actor sideswiped the right rear portion of the Ford Ecosport and was driven by the city resident. The owner of another car was identified as Jeremiah Lopez who is an accountant by profession.

At this time, we are not aware if Lopez sustained wounds. The officer states that “Because of the impact of the incident, passengers and driver sustained numerous lethal wounds. After this incident, Lopez is facing multiple charges that include, the case of reckless negligence resulting in multiple slayings, serious physical wounds, and damage to property. The talent agency of Sison further added in their Instagram post that “We request his fans and other people to respect the privacy of his family in this time of great loss and be part with us in praying for the salvation of the soul.”

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