What Did Mitchell Callaway Do? X Factor Australia Contestant Arrested For Murder Of Baby Girl

For any mother, her child is the most important thing. Mother makes many sacrifices for their children and always protect them from bad things. She is the real protector and can do anything for her baby but imagine the pain of a mother who lost her baby at the hands of a famous reality star. Unbearable right, but sadly this news is true. Many of us would not even believe on this but the latest news is saying this thing which instantly diverts the attention of the people towards this case and they want to know the truth behind this case.

Mitchell Callaway

Mitchell Callaway arrested

As per the reports, the mother of the 9-month-old baby was reportedly killed by X Factor star Mitchell Callaway has shared the sad and heartbreaking tribute to her child. As per the mother, she lost her child 5 years back and since then she was looking for justice for her. Finally, the suspect has been detained and she is in relief though her pain can’t be lessened at least she gets peace with the fact that the suspect has been detained.

Mitchell Callaway

According to the reports, the 37-year-old Callaway was detained at a residence in Bowraville, on the NSW mid-north coast around 09:45 AM on Thursday, 8th June 2023 then taken to Macksville Police Station where he was charged with the murder. The photos of the arrest are all over the news and people are sharing them with each other. Photos show the suspect being led from the home in handcuffs while surrounded by police. This detain marked the end of a 5-year probe since the 9-old month baby girl passed away in Binnaway on 23rd July 2018.

Mitchell Callaway

Finally, after 5 years of the incident, the mother of the deceased broke her silence. She talked about the incident on Thursday to state that the development in the case of her daughter was the “best news ever” after “all the years of suffering, grief, pain, and loss.” Though it is just the beginning of her victory but still she looking forward to it. The mother states in the statement, “She has been the reason I have continued to fight, live, and have made it this far.” She further added that she missed her daughter a lot and can never forget her suspect. She invited the mourners to her funeral in colorful outfits in order to commemorate her 1st birthday which she never had.” According to the reports, this incident happened on 23rd July 2018. The emergency services were called to the Binnaway home after receiving the report of the 9-month-old baby was found dead.

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