WATCH: Erika Erika Putri Prank Ojol Video Viral on Social Media!

Netizens are curiously searching for who is Erika Putri and her viral video. Yes, there is a video of Erika Putri that is making her famous on social media. As social media consumers in large numbers are showing their desire to learn about this girl, we did a study on her and collected some imperative details about her. In this article, you will get to know who is Erika Putri and what is making her a center of attraction. It won’t be wrong to say that Erika Putri is one of the most searched people on Twitter in Indonesia. Yes, she is an Indonesian. This is why Erika Putri’s viral video is trending in Indonesia. Kindly drag down the page and take a look at the following sections of this article. Stick with this page for a while to accumulate information about Erika Putri.

Video Viral Erika Erika Putri Viral Prank Ojol

Video Viral Erika Erika Putri Viral Prank Ojol

She is an Indonesian girl and apparently, a Muslim as well. She became the topic of town after her prank video went viral on the internet. A video is pulling her into the limelight zone on social media. What is in the video? Why Erika Putri’s viral video is buzzing enormously on Twitter and Reddit? These are the most talked about questions asked by netizens about her. Read the answer to it in the next section.

Reportedly, Erika Putri is a Tiktok content creator who often creates prank videos. Recently, Erika Putri posted a prank video in which she teases Ojol in an obscene manner. She invites Ojol who comes to deliver the courier there, to come into her house. After it, she started teasing him about adult things. She did it with Ojal just to record a prank video for her social media accounts. Learn more details about Erika Putri’s prank video in the next section.

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In the video, Erika Putri can be seen in a white t-shirt showing her arms and stomach. While Ojol is wearing a signature driver’s jacket. It seems that Erika Putri forgot her norms, culture, and religious values while recording the prank video and teasing Ojol about adult things. Meanwhile, netizens backlashed her on social media. Negative comments can be read in the comment section. If you are willing to watch the video, you can have it on Twitter and Reddit easily where it is trending so much. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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