WATCH: Video Shows Woman losing pants in gym takes the internet by storm

In this article, we will share some very interesting news with you. This article is about the latest controversy. This article is about a woman who was in the gym. Her gym video has gone viral on the internet.  Social media users were in splits after watching a video of a woman losing her trousers at the gym while working out. Alyssa Konkel, 26, was filmed running on a treadmill in the viral video when her shoelace unexpectedly became entangled in the machine. She stumbled as a result, losing her balance and trousers in the process. The woman herself posted the video online. Later, it was shared on a number of other pages. CCTV footage of this occurrence led Konkel to release it online as a humorous piece of entertainment. She obtained the gym’s security footage and posted it to her Instagram.

Woman losing pants in gym

Woman losing pants in gym Video

On May 24, Konkel posted a video of the event, which quickly went viral. Following that, the 26-year-old also conducted interviews with several media organizations. Internet users began posting humorous comments as soon as they saw the footage of the 26-year-old lady falling off the treadmill. Some online users claimed that they would have been highly mortified if they had been in her shoes.


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As Alyssa’s video gained popularity, she spoke with Patch and explained that she had posted it because she thought it was hilarious and contained some crude language. She explained that many individuals hadn’t achieved fame due to their genitalia and that she believes she is the first. Thankfully, not many individuals were there when this situation occurred earlier. She said, “But now that everyone has seen her b*t.

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Woman losing pants in gym Woman losing pants in gym Woman losing pants in gym Woman losing pants in gym

There weren’t many people at the gym, she added when she fell off the treadmill and her trousers came off. She hastily pulled up her pants and looked around to see if anybody else had seen what had transpired. Konkel said that people nowadays are so pessimistic that they are unable to recognize the positive aspects of life. The woman stated, “She was just thinking, a lot of people post funny, stupid videos so she posted her video and thought, let’s see where this goes and see how far she can take it.” Additionally, Konkel informed media outlets that she would just continue to walk rather than get back on the treadmill. So this was all about this case. We have shared every single piece of information about this controversy with you. So, Stay tuned to PKB news for more informative articles like this one.

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