WATCH: Video shows Cop spraying mace on a group of fighting women goes viral

Recently video is going viral over the internet. The public is searching for the video over the internet as in the video cop and some women can be seen. Everyone is going through the internet to look into the viral video. The public also likes to know the reason behind the fight that happens in the video. In this article, we are going to give all the information about the video that is going viral over the internet recently. Not just that we are also going to give the details about the fight that happen in the video. Keep reading and scrolling through the article to know everything about the viral video.


Video Cop spraying mace on a group of fighting women

In a recent video that has gone viral, a cop is shown spraying mace on a group of ladies who are fighting aggressively. User @u/HejdaaNils posted the video under the group Public Freakout on Reddit on May 12, 2023. There were other Black women depicted striking one other violently while their purses and other possessions continued to tumble and scatter all over the floor. They also lost some of their wigs in the process. People walking by were spotted using their iPhones to record the altercation. Then the policeman calmly left the scene after casually spraying the woman with mace.

For a brief moment, the group scattered, but a couple of them quickly resumed fighting a few feet away. They received yet another mace spraying. The other individuals on the crowded roadway appeared to also be exposed to some of the pollutants. The person who was filming this particular video also appeared to have ingested some of the maces because they began coughing and moved away from the location on their skateboard. After watching the footage, one user @Zcrash claimed that the police officer used mace to break up the brawl and de-escalate the situation.

It’s unknown where the footage came from or what specifically motivated the women to start fighting in public on the road. The user who uploaded the video did not give any background information or details about the incident’s timing or location. The video’s description read, “Cop deploys mace and waltzes off.” However, since the police’s use of mace helped to defuse the situation, which was obviously generating a public disturbance, internet users are now thanking the officer for doing so. Numerous instances of police misuse of authority to falsely accuse innocent persons have occurred over the past few years, as have numerous instances of police violence. There have been occasions where such escalation frequently resulted in the deaths of innocent people.

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