WATCH: Video of Sni Mhlongo Xposing her boyfriend Zamani Mbatha for cheating on her

Trust is the most important factor in any relationship and if it is missing then your relationship will never work. Sometimes a lover has immense trust in his partner but some are doesn’t deserve to have it and break the heart of an innocent lover which tends to be never back to the same person they were. Especially in the 21st century, it is hard to find pure love as most people found cheating on their partner. Mostly famous celebrities are found doing it one such recent example came fore when the video of a star went viral and brought him into the limelight. People are quite shocked after watching this video and talking about his cheating.

Zamani Mbatha Video 

Zamani Mbatha Video

Many of his loyal fans are still not believing on this news and want to know the authentic details, whereas many people are criticizing him for his unexpected behavior. The person identified as South African actor Zamani Mbatha has recently made the headlines of the news. In the viral video, he has spotted cheating on his girlfriend, Snikiwe Mhlongo. Now people are keen to know with whom he was cheating and what the reaction of Snikiwe was after learning about his cheating. Well, this video is trending on social media and people are not getting stop to talk about it.

According to the reports, the viral video was allegedly taken by Mhlongo herself who is seen walking in on Mbatha in bed with another lady. Now, this incident has stirred the entire social media and several people are expressing their sadness and disappointment for the unexpected behavior of Mbatha. This video has raised many questions about the relationship of the couple. As per the reports, Mhlongo caught red-handed Mbatha cheating on her in his house. She was quite shocked after watching the woman on the bed of the actor and she instantly take out her phone and capture the entire moment.

Zamani Mbatha Video 

She even posted this video online, which is now getting viral on social media and people are only talking about it and feeling sad for her. However, she has not made any comment on this incident but one thing we are sure that she will end her relationship with him. Though at this moment, we don’t know their future of theirs. Both actor and his girlfriend are currently shutting their mouth on this matter and people are waiting for public statements. This 24-year-old actor himself was stuck in a controversial situation which led people to search for him.

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