WATCH: Gamehub Twitter Playground Video Girl controversial footage surfaced on Internet

Twitter has now become the most controversial platform where many videos are posted on daily basis. Most of them are controversial and have that content that makes them viral. One such video is getting viral on social media platforms and pulling a lot of attention. People are using different keywords in order to obtain this video and one of the most used keywords is “Gamehub Twitter Playground Video Viral”. This type of controversy shows that with the rise of social media and the widespread use of video content, there have been many controversies surrounding the exploitation of young children in the videos that are posted online.

Gamehub Twitter Playground Video

Gamehub Twitter Playground Video

Now as we mentioned above the latest viral video is showing the incident engaged the Gamehub Twitter account. Gamehub is a famous destination for gaming news. But now this platform is creating a lot of controversies and it is posted by Gamehub. Through this blog, we will discuss the criticisms and best practices connected to sharing videos and pictures of children on social media platforms. Gamehub is a famous Twitter account that provides reviews, news, and insights into the world of gaming.

Now, the latest viral video shows the incident where the video was posted on the Twitter account of Gamehub viewed a young girl playing on the playground. Apart from it, the series of videos uploaded by Gamehub views many individuals playing games on the playground, including kids. Now after watching the video, several individuals have criticized Gamehub for manipulating the young girl and using her as a marketing tool. Those people who are interested in video games or just avid gamer surely knows about Gamehub on Twitter. The viral video viewed a young girl playing on the playground.

The video fastly went viral and several people criticized the gaming platform for exploiting the young girl and using her as a marketing tool in order to increase their fan following. However, some people are defending this account and saying that the parents of the girl had given consent for the video to be shared. In further addition to this, after this incident, Gamehub has also been engaged in another controversy connected to the series of Playground Videos. These series view many individuals playing games on the playground.

Several individuals have to blame the series, saying that it is inappropriate to show kids playing games and share them online. Others state that it is harmless fun and that the parents of the children have given permission for the videos to be shared. As of now, we just only have this many details related to this matter but we are trying to grab more details of it.

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