WATCH: Diane Sawyer interview Jeremy Renner since snowplow accident

There is some such painful part in everyone’s life that he cannot forget even if he wants to. It can be anything such as losing someone, a heartbreak, or an accident. One such incident remains fresh in the mind of an actor who recently talked up about it and shares his scary experience with his fans. The actor is identified as Jeremy Renner who is a popular actor famous for his roles in “The Hurt Locker”, and “The Avengers”. He recently talked about the life-menacing snow plow accident he had in the year 2022.

Jeremy Renner

Diane Sawyer Jeremy Renner interview Video

That horrific incident left the actor with several wounds and even needed him to undergo many surgeries. If you also want to know about it, then keep on reading this article. According to the reports, in an exclusive interview with a media channel, Renner shared the details of the accident and the impact it had left on his life. Renner talked about the near-demise experience he had in the year 2022 when he was engaged in a snow plow accident. As per the actor, the accident happened in January 2022 while he was shooting a film in Canada.

He was driving a snow plow on a film set when the motor vehicle slid off a cliff and crashed down at the steep embankment. He further added that he was trapped inside the vehicle for many hours before being rescued and airlifted to the medical institution in Montreal. He had to get numerous wounds in the accident including multiple fractures to his left wrist and right arm, a fractured pelvis, and a punctured lung. After that, he went numerous surgeries and spent several months recovering prior to coming back to work on the movie.

Jeremy Renner

At the time of his interview with Sawyer, the Avenger actor became emotional while talking about the accident and how it left impacted his life. He explained the experience as “life-changing” and credited his pals, family, and admirers for aiding him through his recovery. He even talked about the challenges he faced at the time of his recovery. The reporter asked the actor about the moment he understand that he was in a serious problem, captured inside the snow plow. The actor explained the moment as “surreal” and stated he remembers everything, “This is it. This is how its ends.” He states how his family, friends, and loved ones helped him to get better soon. Rener credited his daughter, Ava who gave her strength to keep battling. Now he is fine and doing well and his fans are waiting for his new project.

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