WATCH: Video Del Babo De Cartel De Santa video goes viral on social media

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The Internet has been stirred up by a music video of Cartel De Santa. The sensational Video Del Babo De Cartel De Santa features singer Babo and some female models. Here we are talking about Cartel De Santa’s newly released song “Piensa en mi”. The music video of this song is taking the internet by storm and making headlines but not for good causes. Fans have been stunned after watching the music video of Babo De Cartel De Santa. Meanwhile, internet consumers are taking over the internet and searching for Video Del Babo De Cartel De Santa. If you are on this website and reading this article, you won’t require to scrounge weblogs anymore regarding the same. Read the following sections given below on this page. Drag down the screen. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Video Del Babo De Cartel De Santa

Video Del Babo De Cartel De Santa

First of all, let us make it clear that Cartel De Santa released two videos of their new song “Piensa en mi”. One of the two videos of Babo’s new song is explicit. In fact, it is for OnlyF users. However, the other version of the video does not contain any explicit scenes. Both videos feature Babo as the lead star who is surrounded by numerous females. Users can watch the censored version of Piensa en mi on Youtube. But the center of attraction is the uncensored version of the song. Scroll down the page and read more details.

One music video of Babo’s new song was uploaded on Youtube and another was released on OnlyF. But it seems that some OnlyF users leaked the OnlyF video of Babo de Cartel De Santa. Meanwhile, the explicit video of the song captivated the attention of the users. In the censored video you can see Babo sitting in an armchair surrounded by some female models in lingerie dancing to the song. Read the further section to know what is in the OnlyF video of Piensa en mi.

The thing that took Cartel De Santa fans by surprise is the explicit scenes of the music video of Piensa en mi. This is the reason Cartel De Santa released the second video on OnlyF. Both versions of the video are quite the same but the only difference between the two videos of the same song is nudity. OnlyF video of Piensa en mi shows the models dancing in the video without any clothes and Babo himself is naked.

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