Vaishali Takkar suicide: Vaishali’s helplessness and lover’s insistence destroyed two families! Read the truth in the Inside Story

Promising TV artist Vaishali Thakkar of Indore may not be in the world herself, but after her death, but a hundred questions must be standing in front of her face.

Vaishali Thakkar (file photo)

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Indore TV actress Vaishali Thakkar suicide case The police are investigating. Indore Police is getting as many new and shocking information as possible. So far in two days Indore Police The overall bottom line of the investigation done by it is that Vaishali’s helplessness and her ex-boyfriend Rahul Navalni’s unreasonable insistence have destroyed the two families of laughter and play. A case has been registered at the Tejaji Nagar police station in Indore and the police are investigating the incident. In this regard, the police have so far questioned everyone on both sides. Out of all this, however, the most important question has been asked of Vaishali Thakkar’s ex-boyfriend Rahul Navalni and his wife Disha Navalni. The names of these two also reached the police through suicide notes.

According to the police investigating the case, the matter is very complicated. It may take time to find the culprits and declare them ‘guilty’ through the courts. There are many supporting and suspicious characters in this story. It is difficult to tell who will be helpful and who will be re-criminal in the next investigation. Till now the police are busy recording the statements of both parties. So that after cross-checking these statements, suspects can be confronted if discrepancies are found in the statements. Currently, the most important and suspicious characters in the hands of the police are, according to Suicide Notes, Rahul Navalni, the prime accused and Vaishali Thakkar’s ex-boyfriend till recently, and his wife Disha Navalni.

Many things will be clear from Rahul and Disha’s statement

According to the information received from the Indore police, which is engaged in the investigation, many things will be clear from the statement of Rahul and Disha. From the statement of these two, it is possible to find some new ways in the investigation of the suicide case. Police are investigating for two days so far. What has come out of this two-day investigation? When asked by PKBnews India, a senior police officer from Indore on condition of anonymity gave a stark statement, “It is a very complex matter. Initially, the case seems to be the result of some compulsion on Vaishali, who is trapped in an alleged love affair and the unreasonable insistence of the suspects named in her suicide note. Vaishali must have been so emotional that it was impossible for her to return empty-handed. And then he went into depression after giving it all up.”

When Vaishali felt defeated, she tried to settle the family.

The same police officer added, “When Vaishali realizes her defeat, she retreats and tries to establish her new family. But by then, Vaishali’s love has turned positive and the suspect named by Vaishali in the suicide note could be her boyfriend, who is adamant about the unreasonable insistence. Can. Thinking or insisting that if Vaishali isn’t hers now, then she won’t let Vaishali be anyone’s. Swinging through all this, Vaishali tries all possible to control herself. But not to let her ex-boyfriend Vaishali out of her life. He was adamant about getting Vaishali at any cost. These bad and confusing situations from all around made Vaishali so weak and mentally disturbed, due to which Vaishali was unable to open her heart to anyone. As a result, she ended her life by silently committing suicide in front of Vaishali. There is no other way but to do.


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