Uzalo Episode 29th April 2023 Tonight’s full episode updates

Uzalo’s episode on 29th April 2023 has grabbed the attention of the audience. Everyone enjoyed the show, HWile many missed it. If you are the one who missed the show, let us show you a glimpse of Uzalo Episode 29th April 2023. Keep reading for more information.

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What Happened In Uzalo Episode 29th April 2023?

Uzalo Episode 29th April 2023 starts with Sara G hosting a show name The Fixer. She is talking about the name of the show. She is mentioning how the show’s name should match her vibes. She starts giving different examples of the possible names of the show. She mentions her Twitter and Instagram handles. Vusi asks him what she is saying.

She replies that he can’t understand it when he says that now things are like this. He says that if he would be in that chair, he won’t be this comfortable. While they are talking, Mama G came and slaps her. She says that she is full of nonsense. She asks everyone to go out of the place and stops Sara G.

She is angry as she becomes ill when she went to the office. This leads to her thinking that she is being bewitched by her. She says that she might have some misunderstanding. She has not bewitched her. Mama G Says that she gave her an opportunity and she messed it up in this way. She says that she is full of greed. While Sara G is still unable to understand what wrong she does.

She angrily goes to her table and puts on a bag while Sara tries to stop her. She saw something in the bag that she gets surprised. While everyone else is standing outside waiting for the conversation to end that does not seem to be ending soon. The episode ends here. The next episode will reveal what she saw in her bag. Is she right? Was Sara really bewitching? Everything will be get cleared in the next episode. Let us conclude the above.


Uzalo has released the 29th April 2023 episode. The episode showed how Mama G is angry with Sara G whom she gave the opportunity to make things better. She was seen bewitching her. The truth is yet to come out that who has bewitched Mama G. We have explained the start and mid of the episode in detail. If you want to watch the complete episode, you can watch it from the video above. Stay tuned for more details.

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