WATCH: Ukraine Russian Beheading Video Surfaced Online As Images appear to show Russian soldiers beheading Ukrainian soldiers

Almost a year has passed but the combat between Russia and Ukraine is going on. Most destruction has happened in Ukraine only and due to that the President of Russia faced a lot of criticism but no country is interfering. Many citizens of Ukraine have lost their lives and many have even gotten homeless. One more video is showing a horrific incident which is gone viral on social media. People are angry as well as sad after watching the video and the graphics are enough to give goosebumps to anyone. In this video, a man’s throat is seen as it.

Ukraine Russian Beheading Video

Ukraine Russian Beheading Video

Someone has posted this video online and it takes only a few seconds for it to get viral and obtained many views and comments. Now after this beheading video went viral, Ukraine has compared Russia with a terrorist organization. This shows the tension between both countries is increasing rather than decreasing and the consequences are faced by the common citizen of Ukraine. The reports state that the officials of Ukraine have condemned Russian forces after the video-made rounds on social media appeared to view the beheading scene of a Ukrainian inmate with the knife.

The video has been removed from social media after watching the horrifying scene but there are some people who already download it and now they are sharing it with each other. But those people who have not watched this viral video are looking to have the link to it. Some want to know the authenticity of the video. However, our website can not verify its authenticity of it. But our sources are trying to find it and the moment we will get it, we instantly mention it here.

Ukraine Russian Beheading Video Ukraine Russian Beheading Video

Video Shows Russian soldiers beheading Ukrainian Soldiers

The keyword is showing what depict in the video and people are searching the video by using a specific keyword that reads “Beheading Video”. We already made it clear above that we don’t know who post this video and from which account but it is currently trending on the web. In the viral video, a man was seen in uniform beheading a man who was wearing the yellow arm band which is usually worn by the soldiers of Ukraine. However, the video is heavily blurred and contains a voice at the start, which suggests that the sufferer might have still been alive when this lethal attack started.

Ukraine Russian Beheading Video

The identification of the suspect and victim is not done yet but we are hoping to get the details of it. Apart from it, the Kremlin explained this horrific scene as “awful” and stated its authenticity required to be checked. On the other side, Moscow has rejected in the past that its soldiers have carried out atrocities at the time of the conflict. Now the President of Ukraine has also commented on this and stated that “There is something that no one in the entire world can ignore: how easily these beasts assassinate”.

Ukraine Russian Beheading Video

Russian soldiers beheading Ukrainian Soldiers footage explained

Volodymyr Zelenskyy further added that “It is not easy for us to forget the cruelty of Russia and we are not going to forget anything. Neither we are going to forgive the killers. There will be legal responsibility for everything. Now this video and their cruelty show us that the defeat of terror is required.” Dmytro Kuleba, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine explained the video as “scary and horrific”. He made a tweet regarding it which reads that “It is nonsensical that Russia, which is worse than ISIS, is heading over the UNSC.”  He wrote this Tweet by referring to the United Nations Security Council, where Russia took up the rotating presidency in the month of April.

Ukraine Russian Beheading Video

He further added that “The terrorists of Russia must be thrown out of our country (Ukraine) and the UN and be held accountable for their severe crimes.” ISIS (ISIL) was notorious for issuing videos of the beheading of prisoners when they controlled swaths of Syria and Iraq from the year 2014-2017. The domestic security agency (SBU) of Ukraine stated it has started a probe into the suspected war criminals. The SBU agency penned on Telegram that reads, “Yesterday, a video comes up on the web viewing how the occupiers of Russia are viewing their awful and beastly nature- cruelly torturing a prisoner of Ukraine and even beheading him.”

Ukraine Russian Beheading Video

Nabila Massrali the spokesperson of the EU states that “We don’t have many details on the veracity of the video. Having stated that, it asserted, this is yet another cruel reminder of the inhuman and horrifying nature of the aggression of Russia.” This viral video comes a day after a separate video comes up on pro-Russian social media accounts that come up to view the bodies of 2 beheaded soldiers of Ukraine lying next to the destroy military car. This video is circulating on the web and people are feeling sad for the family of the victim. They are paying tribute to him and condemning the Russian soldier for their inhuman act.

Ukraine Russian Beheading Video

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