Tyler Lawrence Death Case: Csean Skerritt,34, Arrested Over Murder Charges

The entire world is mourning the demise of the 13-year-old child. This is not news of natural death in fact it is a case of murder because the suspect took the life of an innocent child, Tyler Lawrence. His death news has made everyone sad and people want to know the reason for his killing and who is the suspect. According to the reports, On 29th January 2023, just prior to noon, a horrible crime happened in the Mattapan area which is close to the intersection of Babson and Fremont Streets. The 13-year-old lost his life at the hands of a freak suspect. The victim was a student of Coakley Middle School.

Tyler Lawrence

Tyler Lawrence Death Case

His death scene has been recorded in the video which is submitted by the prosecutor in front of the court. Julie Higgins talked about the video that recorded the final seconds of the teen. Ever since the video was presented in court, the family of the teen left prior to the prosecutor beginning to explain the incident. As per Higgins, the 13-year-old was shot 5 times. One of the bullets hit the cranium. The deceased was a citizen of Norwood and he was visiting his grandparents when the suspect shot many times on the stroll. The deceased lost her life on the spot.

The police lodged the case and during the investigation, they found Csean Skerritt the suspect in his murder. The 34-year-old suspect was charged with murder, being an armed career criminal level III, and many offenses engaging firearms and ammunition when he was sentenced on Friday. In the link to the death of the boy, the suspect is charged with 1st-degree killing and using weapons. This thing is disclosed by Kevin Hayden, the District Attorney of Suffolk County on Monday. He was arrested on Sunday and blamed for distributing fentanyl violating federal law.

The case has stirred up the entire nation and the office of the United States Attorney has addressed the case. In the news release, the suspect was referred to as a gang member linked with the notorious Morse Street gang. As per Kevin Hayden, there was no such link between Skerritt with the victim. As per the probers, Lawrence was not the sufferer of any random shooting in fact he was the target of targeted assault. Hayden said that Skerritt would be sentenced on the new killing and weapons charges after the suspect comes up in federal court on the afternoon of Monday. The suspect already has a huge and lengthy criminal record including sentences for weapons charges, assault, and battery.

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