Tyler Gardiner Mother Arrested: Who Is Jennifer Long Husband Dennis Gardiner?

Today er are going to share a piece of shocking news. An 8-year-old bot dies after being stabbed by his mother. This news is very sad. Everyone on the internet is very shocked after listening to this life-threatening news. This case is the headline of every social media platform since this case happened. The 8-year-old boy took his last breath on 16th March 2023. The public wants to know about the whole case. They want to want to know why his mother stabbed him. We have done a lot of research on this murder case. So we are going to provide you with every single piece of information about this case. So, Read the whole article.

Tyler Gardiner

Tyler Gardiner’s Mother Arrested

Tyler Gardian died at the age of 8 on March 16, 2023. After his mother stabbed him. His mother’s name is Jennifer Long. Tyler’s father’s name is Dennis Gardiner. His father was not informed about his son’s death. Dennis has demanded justice for his son. They reside in Alabama. People on the internet are very shocked after they got to know that his mother is a criminal. Police found Tyler’s dead body in his master bedroom in his mother’s house which is located in Hatselle. His mother is the only suspect in this murder case.

Jennifer Long

According to the source. police received an emergency call on 16th March 2023, Thursday at around 5:30 am regarding a stabbing attack at home. When the police arrived at the location, Police discovered an 8-year-old body in the master bedroom. And they also found Charles Long (grandfather of Tyler) injured in the house. Immediately Charles was taken to the Huntsville Hospital. Police arrested Jennifer Long immediately after the crime. She is being charged with the murder charges of a person under 14. Currently, she is under custody. Police are investigating this case. Jennifer has not revealed yet why she killed her son.

This news is very shocking. Tyer’s father Dennis Gardian is very depressed right now. He is heartbroken. And he is demanding justice for his son. Dennis is a resident of Pensacola, Florida. Dennies claimed that he was unaware of his son’s Tyler death for several days. He got to know this from social media. Everybody on the internet wishes justice for him. So this was all about this case. Much information about this case is not revealed. We will share more information about this case soon. So, Stay tuned with Pkb news for more updates.

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