Tushar Atre Family: What Happened To Cannabis Entrepreneur Tushar Atre?

Do you know who are the most trending and discussed people on the internet right now? Currently, the most trending people online are the parents of Tushar Atre. We know you might be confused about who is Tushar Atre. So he is the man who was found dead in 2019. This man was found shot dead in an area where nobody used to go and this news gave a shock many people. He was none other than the famous tech millionaire and CEO of Atrenet Inc. He was murdered in 2019 and his death gave a shock to a lot of people who used to know him very closely. Now almost after 4 years, this case has again come into the spotlight. Now a lot of the public is very curious to know about his parents and his family’s ethnicity. So to know all these things read the whole article without missing anything.

Tushar Atre

Tushar Atre Family

Tushar Atre’s death news was one of the biggest shocking and mysterious cases we have ever seen. He was the tech millionaire and the CEO of Atrenet Inc. Aternet Inc a digital marketing agency in Santa Cruz. He was murdered 4 years ago and his tragic death news gave a huge shock to all the employees who used to work in his company. Continue reading.

Tushar Atre Family

Tushar Atre was found dead on 1st October 2019. He was discovered dead by the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office. He was found dead at the age of 50. Reports say he was shot and stabbed in the Santa Cruz Mountains which is near his cannabis farm which is located on Soquel San Jose Road near the summit. Now after a lot of years, this case is again trending because last month, in July, This case was returned to the Santa Cruz Superior Court. In this case, four people have been accused with the charge of the murder of Tushar.

who is Tushar Atre

This sudden and shocking case has also been reported and focused on in the episode of Investigation Discovery’s 48 Hours which is a part of its 18th season. This episode was aired on 9th January 2023 at around 10:00 pm ET. In this episode, they have shown everything which happened in October 2019.  Now if we talk about his parents so sadly till now, nobody has shared the details of Tushar Atre’s parents. They have kept their identity private as they have to follow the protocols given by law enforcement. Keep the following PKB news.

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