Who Are Tristyn Bailey’s Parents, Forrest and Stacy?

Tristyn Bailey was a well-known cheerleader. She was born in 2008. People are eager to know more about her parents, Forest and Stacy. You will get complete details about Tristyn Bailey’s parents in this article. Keep reading for more information. 

Tristyn Bailey

Who Are Tristyn Bailey’s Parents? 

Tristyn Bailey was a cheerleader. Her parents are Forest and Stacy Bailey. She was an American. She has good followers on Instagram. Tristyn was a victim of murder by Aiden Fucci. The incident took place on 9 May 2021. She went missing on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. She was not seen after her last appearance at St. Johns, Florida. Her parents organized a ceremony to commemorate their daughter’s life. Her family was mourning the loss of their loved one. Stacy and Forest have made a pledge to honor their daughter. Her parents mentioned that she was a goal-driven girl. She always prefers her dreams and works hard towards achieving them. After she went missing, her body was found in the woods near Durbin Crossings’ home. Her neighbor found the body.

Tristyn Bailey

According to the investigation, Florida State Attorney mentions that she was stabbed 114 times. Her hands and arms were also injured as she might have been trying to defend herself. The report was provided by the attorney on 27 May. There were 49 wounds on her body. She fought for herself, but she might not have had any weapon to defend herself. She was a teenager. She was continuing her studies. Her Instagram shows a follower of 160k. Her fans love her and admire her for her cheerleading. She was not expected to face such a thing in her life. She was quite young and had a long life ahead. She passed away in 2021. There have been almost 2 years since the incident. Her family is trying to provide her justice. The police are investigating

Tristyn Bailey

We hope that she gets her justice soon. Let us conclude the above in the few words below. 


Tristyn bailey was a famous cheerleader. Her Instagram posts show her pictures with her cheerleading team. She was a very goal-oriented person. The reason behind Aiden killing her is not yet clear. We will update you as soon as we get to know. She was severely injured. She might have struggled a lot at her last breath. Fans have sent her condolences. After her death, more people are eager to know the story of this young girl. 

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