Transmission Gully Crash Today: 1000L fuel leak contained

Murder cases and road accidents both are the leading factors in death cases. Thousands of people lost their lives on a daily basis for this reason. Homicide investigators and traffic police both are working hard to stop these incidents but instead of decreasing the cases are constantly increasing. On a daily basis, new news is added and this time as well a lethal collision has been reported which again pulled the attention of everyone. According to the exclusive reports, Transmission Gully has entirely reopened as rush hour traffic ramps us, after an early-morning fuel tanker incident.

Transmission Gully Crash Today

Transmission Gully Crash Today

The report states that the incident happened in the early morning of Tuesday, 4th April 2023. it is obvious that the people showed their interest in this incident and want to know the details from the start to the end along with the details of human loss. According to the reports, the collision between the fuel tanker and another truck forced to close Transmission Gullly on State High 1 between Pautahanui and Paekakariki at around 06:00 AM on Tuesday. The collision was so lethal and huge that around 1000 liters of fuel spilled on the road.

Transmission Gully Crash Today

The reports further added that the southbound lanes of the highway between Paekakariki and Pauatahanui again opened at around, 03:10 PM. As soon as the incident was reported, the traffic police close the road where the incident happened for some time. Waka Kotahi advised through a statement that “Waka Kotahi appreciates the incident that happened on Tuesday has caused delays on the stage highway network for individuals traveling between the area of Wellington and the Kapiti Coast.”

Transmission Gully Crash Today

He further added that the delays were expected given the reopening of the lanes northbound which has coincided with the commute in the afternoon. A mouthpiece states about the incident that “After this cleanup has been finished and the road has been deemed safe.” He also indicates that State Highway 1 will be re-opened. This should happen in the next 1 to 2 hours. Cops state that there have been no reports have been found related to human loss as well as of injured people. That means no one was hurt in this incident. The roads where the incident happens are supposed to get closed at least for some time. By keeping this thing in mind, travelers and motorists are advised to expect delays and they can use other routes for traveling. A report states that around 1000L of 95 octane fuel spilled from the big tanker.

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