Tomasz Oleszak Murder Case: 15-year-old bot Leighton Amies Teenager convicted of Tomasz Oleszak murder

A teenage boy died at the age of 14. The boy’s name was Tomasz Oleszak. This news is going viral on the internet. This is a piece of very disturbing news. This news has given a big shock to people. His family is completely shocked right now. This is the saddest news on the internet today. Netizens are very sad for him as he died at a very small age. Now people are very curious to know about Tomasz Oleszak. And people want to know the cause of his death. So this was all about this case. We are going to share every single piece of information in this case. So, Read the whole article.

Tomasz Oleszak

Tomasz Oleszak Murder Case

Tomasz Oleszak was 14 year old boy.  A 15-year-old bot Leighton Amies killed Tomasz. He was found guilty of the murder. Tomasz was stabbed by him in Gateshead. This is very disturbing news. Leighton’s family couldn’t believe that their son has done this. This news has disturbed everyone. This incident happened in October. Tomasz suffered an 8 cm deep cut on his chest and he died the next day. Laighton claimed that he accidentally stabbed him during a gang attack. He also claimed that he took a serrated knife out on 3rd October. He was very guilty of his mistake. He was guilty because he grievous bodily harm to another kid whose coat was slashed by a jury which was at Newcastle Crown Court.

Tomasz admitted at the trial that he grabbed the silverware from the draining board and then put in his body warmer as he was walking out into the dark autumnal night. The prosecutor Mark McKone questioned Leighton in a Newcastle Crown Court. As per the source, The knife was stabbed up to 8cm into the chest of Tomasz. Amies claimed that he went to Springwell that day to meet his 14-year-old girlfriend. And when he was walking home through Whitehilld Nature Park at that time his friend alerted him to a group of boys who were there to harm them.

Tomasz Oleszak

He said he took out a knife from his bag for self-defense at the time this incident happened. But the prosecutor has claimed that Amies is lying just to save him. Much information has not been revealed yet. Soon our sources will provide us with more information about this case. So we have told you everything about this case. Soon we will share more information regarding this case till then stay tuned to PKB news.

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