Todd Tonnochy Arrested For Hailey Nieto’s Death.

Todd Tonnochy is said to arrest for being guilty of Hailey Nieto’s death. People want to know more about the case.

Was she involved in her murder? You will get complete details about Todd Tonnochy’s arrest and murder case in this article. Keep reading for more details.


What Happened To Hailey Nieto?


Hailey Nieto was a young 18-year-old girl. She was found dead on North Virginia Street Late on Thursday.


The reason behind her death is said to be an intentional murder. According to the sources, she was shot in the head.


Suspicious activity was complained to the Washoe County Sheriff on Sunday, 23rd March. it was around 6:00 p.m. when the happening was compliant in the Cold Springs area on the dirt extension of North Virgina Street.


A suspect’s name, Todd Tonnochy is coming up. He is said to be arrested for a murder case.


Was Todd Tonnochy Involved In Hailey Nieto’s Death?


Todd Tonochy is a 39 years old guy who has been arrested for the murder of Hailey Nieto. He is currently in custody.


He was arrested at a Midland, Texas, Motel. A report related to this was also filed on 23 march 2023.


The18 years old was found dead in a bad condition. She was shot in the head according to the investigators.


Police’s Take on The case:


According to the police, there were more suspects involved and Todd was the primary suspect who left her after shooting in her head.


Later, the investigation revealed that there were no further suspects in the case. they also appreciated the involvement of the community people in reporting the case and helping to solve it faster.


condolences are being sent to his family and friends. let us have more details about the murder case.


Recent Updates On Nieto’s Death:


Todd Tonochy was said to be guilty of Hailey Nieto’s murder. He was detained by the police on 28th March 2023, Friday.


according to the reports he left her in the area where she was found after her death. He might want to save himself so that in any case she does not survive because if she does, she can tell everything to people.




Hailey, 18 years old was found dead on North Virginia Street on Thursday. However, some activity was reported on Sunday.


The suspect Todd Tonnochy was found and arrested the next day. The family of the victim is mourning the loss. We pray for strength and courage t their family.


We will update you as the case proceeds further.




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