These 4 problems related to physical relationship can bring bitterness in your relationship.

Problems like stress and blood pressure are cured through physical intimacy. But there are a few things you need to know to overcome sexual dysfunction.

Breakdown of physical intimacy

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How your relationship reflects your sex life, you will find all such information on the internet and social media. The level of intimacy in a healthy relationship is also good, but with your partner every now and then intercourse Better yet, it’s not even necessary. Let us tell you that there are some things you notice in the bedroom, which are like alarm bells in your relationship. There are a few things you need to know to overcome sexual dysfunction.

Sex life explains relationship problems

In fact, your current sex life does not meet all your expectations. Whenever you think about it, it makes you wonder, is there more to it than what you’re experiencing? Whatever your desires are, muster up the courage to tell them honestly with your partner.

Haste is also a factor

Improved sex life keeps stress and blood pressure under control. But sometimes you try to rush things. If instead of enjoying yourself, you try to make your partner orgasm, then this is a sign of problems in your relationship. That’s why it’s important to talk to your partner to improve things.

Gender does not follow the schedule

Some people are very active sexually, for which they follow a schedule of sex. But it is not good to follow this schedule completely. Problems usually arise when you try to break this schedule. Due to which many couples quarrel.

Quarrel with partner

Many people believe that fighting with a partner is a good alternative to good sex. But this is completely wrong. Due to constant quarrels with partner, you are not able to feel sexual connection. Which creates distance in your relationship.

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