There is a boyfriend… still the girl got married, she said – she will not leave

A woman named Pascal Celic from England married a quilt on Valentine’s Day in 2019, when surprisingly she also has a boyfriend. The one she married is a bed quilt.

Woman married to Ranji

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It is said that caste-religion or caste-form does not make love. It just happens and the one who happens, only knows its feeling there. You must have seen that there are many couples who are very different in appearance, yet they love each other very much. However, true love is somewhat difficult to find, but those who find it, become each other’s spouses, but a very strange phenomenon has become a topic of discussion these days, where a woman is not married to a man. One after another Quilt wedding have done The reason for this is also very strange, which you will surely be surprised to know.

According to Daily Star reports, England resident Pascal Celic (Pascal Celik) married a woman named Quilt on Valentine’s Day in 2019, while surprisingly also having a boyfriend. The one she married is a bed bug. She considered him the companion of her loneliness, so instead of marrying her lover, she married herself. A video of this strange wedding is also going viral on social media.

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The lover also came to the wedding

According to reports, the woman not only invited her family and relatives to this strange wedding, but also her boyfriend. In an interview, the woman said that it is not that she has only one Koil, with whom she is married, but that she has many other Ranjis, but she has a special attachment to the same single bed Ruiti. In fact, her real motive for marrying Rajai is that she wants to make the world aware that happiness doesn’t have to be bound by human bonds.

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I will buy a double bed quilt later

According to the woman, her boyfriend had no objection to marrying Rajai. She said that when she marries her boyfriend, she will buy a double bed quilt, but she will never give up her single bed quilt.


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