The XBB variant is spreading rapidly in the country, with 380 cases reported so far, raising the risk of a new wave of Covid.

According to GISAID, 380 cases of XBB have been reported in the country. This form is spread over 9 states. Experts say that the rules of prevention against Covid need to be strictly followed.

The number of coronavirus cases may increase again

in the country do not The ups and downs in the case continued. currently Active patients The number has dropped below 18 thousand. In most states, the situation due to Covid is under control, but the concern seems to be growing. Omicron in the country XBB Variant Cases are increasing. Cases of this strain have been documented in 9 states. According to GISAID, 380 cases of XBB have been reported in India till October 24. These include Odisha, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Puducherry, Bengal, Delhi, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. The most infected is Tamil Nadu (175).

The XBB variant is causing increasing cases of Covid in China and Singapore. The World Health Organization has also warned against this variant. WHO says there are more than 300 sub-variants of corona in the world. Due to these X-BB variants, a new wave of covid may occur in many countries of the world. This form can also evade the immune system. In such a situation steps should be taken to prevent the virus. For this, genome sequencing and tracing of people exposed to infected patients should be increased.

WHO has also warned about other forms of Omicron, BF.7. The agency says these new forms of Omicron are highly contagious, though they won’t see any change in the severity of the virus.

Need to protect against covid

Epidemiologist Dr. Jugal Kishore said, the weather is changing at this time. Many types of viruses and bacteria become active under such conditions. There are many cases of influenza and flu in humans. In such a situation, the covid virus can also spread. For now it is important to strictly follow the rules of prevention from covid. Make sure to wear masks in crowded areas and take care of hand hygiene.

According to Dr. Kishore, even though the situation is currently under control from Corona, people should be careful. Due to negligence, the incidence of covid may rise again. Small peaks are also seen in some regions, although it is expected that symptoms of the virus will remain mild. There will be no serious danger.

People at high risk get vaccinated

Experts say caution is warranted given the growing threat of new strains. Those at high risk should receive a booster dose of Covid. Through this, the severity of the virus can be controlled. Elderly and patients suffering from chronic diseases will benefit from taking the third dose.

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